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Having the correct software and hardware to match is critical in the operation of the VR equip class. I would take into consideration the level of learner. Meaning a new to the material or a seasoned learner to the material and adjust the learning challenges accordingly.

I didn't know some users can get nauseous while using the VR headset. How do we adjust to the learner if the lesson involves VR?

To start a computer/software that can handle the requirements of the program and two monitors.

Today's learners are more likely to embrace new technology. I see the curiosity of the new technology as a tool to introduce learning subjects and increase memory retention through a receptive activity.

A good positive mindset will place you in a correct position to be a positive educator or leaner. Attitude and confidence also play a key role in both.

Comment on john busi's post: I agree John, pushing through to solve a challenge can empower others to do the same. To be followed up with encouragement and revisit the learner on their accomplishment status.

I'm going to keep focused on my goals and the relations to achieve these goals while taking note of what I have accomplished. Yet while these are goals set for the upcoming, I still need to figure out how to do deal will the present bad news or existing problems. How you you deal with present suffering or problems?

Support to a less than confident learner and encourage success. Point out the strong points and how their past experiences can help in over coming a challenge or meet a goal.

Comment on Andrea Buls's post: I agree with you. As instructors, it gives us the opportunity to course correct if needed. We can also ask reinforcement questions to measure the understanding of the lesson.

When learning a new skill is important, mastering the learned skill with the hands on perfects the lesson and skill learned. At the same time promoting critical thinking.

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