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Comment on Andrea Buls's post: I agree with you. As instructors, it gives us the opportunity to course correct if needed. We can also ask reinforcement questions to measure the understanding of the lesson.

When learning a new skill is important, mastering the learned skill with the hands on perfects the lesson and skill learned. At the same time promoting critical thinking.

With the on-line learning students get the basic workings of the lesson. To solidify the learning , hands on practice is needed to conclude the learning and promote critical thinking on why things occurred the way they did.

Going though this section has shown me the importance of confidence and posture during the lesson. How you project the information and make eye contact keeps the credibility and the learning at a higher level of acceptance.

Guide the learners that are new to on line learning to secure retention and success. Gauge their skills so as not to have them overestimate their technology skills and procrastinate turning in the assignment. Only to find out the work was not completed because it was too much work and enough time was planned to complete the assignment correctly.

The online learner first needs a set of technology skills to be successful along with set goals and a plan on how to achieve them.

Communication plays a key role in the on line classroom. Questions posed need to be relayed to the rest of the class along with responses. Also any other inputs from the class should be shared as a whole.

I've learned the on-line class take time to prepare and have a flexible agenda. This is needed to meet any challenges the class or individual learner may have. Now I can keep the class on course and on track.

The flipped classroom will benefit those that require reviewing several times the material to fully comprehend. That option is now available.

See it, do it teach it. No matter the learners level of mastering the subject the y can review all or just sections of the lesson on pre-recorded presentation. Now language or disabilities are now overcome.

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