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Learning Disabilities

I learned some history behind certain learning disabilities.

Multigenerational Learning

This course really helped me to identify ways of reaching all cultures, ethnicities, ages, and classes of learners. Realizing that every person and individual has different learning styles, taking a holistic approach to teaching them really identified key areas of opportunity for improvement. 

Students with PTSD and TBI

If I have a student that has either PTSD or TBI or both, how can I help them and what's the best approach?

Learner's Self Isolation

Should faculty / instructor help to a student who feels left out and isolated from the class, open up opportunity to connect and support team based environment?


Instructors should create lessons that include as many student differences as possible.  Everyone has a preferred learning style.

Understanding literacy and language

We must welcome children of all cultures and races, and understand that some students are multilingual.  This makes our classrooms more interesting and diverse.

Culture vs. Race

We, as instructors must realize that we will be teaching students that are of various races and cultures.  We must embrace multiculturalism by getting to know the students and not generalizing students.

No Stereotyping

We must treat each student as an individual, not stereotyping students, but accepting their individualities.

Students with LD

I now have a better understanding of the different steps one must take when dealing with students with learning disabilities. Have any of you had to do this? What did you do?


Many veterans with PTSD and/or TBI do not want to have to repeat their stories and requests for accommodations. Having a working group through which their requests and needed supports can be shared among departments and faculty helps them to feel more comfortable and accepted in their different classes.


They benefit from mentors.


Understanding the effects on learning.


Vicarious trauma what it entails.

Learning disability

May have difficulty processing information.


Do not silence the mother tongue.


Race is a social construct and, therefore, not a real or fair descriptor of anyone; cultures refers to how we all behave, what we do, what we like and where we spend our time. Both are important


Accepting diversity in the classroom.

Learning disability

Work towards not having them drop out because of poor performance and frustration

Diverse Learners

They need to be able to identify accomadations in post secondary levels.

Learning disability

These students need customized technology tools.