Stacie LeClair

Stacie LeClair

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I learned assessment strategies are very important.  They help measure the classes' ability throughout the entire course.  Examples of assessments are quizzes, projects, tests, and demonstrations.

There are a variety of learning styles that students have.  It is a good idea to utilize different ones and make lessons interactive to engage them and increase interest in the subject matter.

I realized how important it is to learn the students names and enjoyed the tips to learn them to familiarize yourselves with the class.  

How important a syllabus is because it sets the climate for the class.  It should include things like class policies and assignments.  

It is a way to organize the class and should include relevant information about the course.



It is important to motivate students and help them see the progress they are making in their careers.  Once they acquire new knowledge they should (if possible) apply the new skill right away.  

I learned how important emotional intelligence is and how necessary it is in the classroom.  It is a set of abilities that helps us manage ourselves and manage our relationships with others.  This skill set is imperative to have when interacting with students.

EQ is an ability to help manage ourselves and to manage relationships with others.

Soft skills are more important than hard skills.  These skills relate to how you interact with others at work.

No matter what our day to day lives look like, it is important for us to care of ourselves so  we can be more productive in any environment.  I always try to incorporate a combination of healthy eating, exercise, adequate sleep and meditation into my daily routine.  I find that when my work load is taking up too much time and energy my balance is off.  I had to leave a job I was at for 4 years because of this.  The office I worked at was an hour away from my home and I worked a 9 hour shift, … >>>

Everyone can benefit from incorporating some or all of these activities into their daily life.  My personal favorites are (healthy) cooking and walking my dogs.  I have also been meditating for several years and I believe it helps calm the mind and overall decreases stress.  

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