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Taking Control of Your Time | Origin: ED110

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Time and Stress Management for Instructors --> Taking Control of Your Time

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

In this module I've learned that I should use my time better, make a to do list of all the task that I need to complete, and last I'ver nevered to stop procrastinating. 

This module, shows us how we shouldnt leave tasks for the last min, rather create small to do list to help these task

I appreciate the importance of task priority based on urgency in best developing time management skills. 


Loved the idea of making a to-do list and assigning a numerical value based on importance. 

Setting limits and prioritizing better - this is something I don't do well yet can improve. 


Prioritization, importance of organizing tasks and completion of tasks lead to feeling better about my workload.

Procrastination and immediacy can both affect good time management. This is the first time that I read this.  Also breaking down the to do list into smaller parts.

To Do lists can be most effective when broken down into areas of urgency. 

Prioritizing level 1 areas of importance will put your work load into perspective. 

Being able to check off tasks that have been successfully completed, also provides a sense of accomplishment. 


The obstacle of control: Once you recognize that you are in control of your time, you can make choices that allow you to strike a healthy balance between giving time to yourself and giving time to others. 

Highlight the tasks that are of highest importance/urgency or assign numbers to show which tasks you would like to complete first.

To do lists are a first step to time management (and also provide the foundation for later aspects of it as well)

I learned to break down my to do list into smaller tasks and to do the tasks with consequences first

Prioritizing To Do items is important.

As an immediate do person, I will slow down and prioritize.


Not all task need to be completed today...

Use my time more wisely and prioritize


Putting numbers next to the tasks is a great idea.


Prioritizing is key. I think this will help me reach that balance.  I tend to try to get everything done immediately.


Immediacy can also impact time management negatively


I learned that immediacy can impact time management, as we tire as we work more and therefore are not as productive. 


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