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When I have a lot of content to cover, I like using short discussions mixed with lecture.  Pick out a concept that may be complicated and let students discuss it.  This helps me to evaluate if students are grasping material.  I also like to pose questions such as what is the first thing you should do in X situation and why.

The fear of personal and professional barriers are often the cause of failure to adopt the methods. There is risk involved, especially with peers, but the results with Students more than compensates for this.


Active learning, while preferable, isn't always easy to implement for myriad reasons.

Low risk active learning strategies are great for science lab exercises.  The activities can be alternated with brief periods of instruction and allow the students to make the connections.  Active learning activites encourage students to work together and of course to learn together.


Active learning requires preparation. Know your expectations for the students for each active learning activity. The more specific, and clear the better

Start implementing active learning methods by planning for small activities first.


This module increased my awareness of the various types of barriers to incorporating active learning activities and strategies to overcoming these barriers.  I prefer to start with low-risk active learning activities and then through these activities, assess the students' readiness to participate in and learn from higher-risk active learning activities.