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Implementing Active Learning | Origin: ED111R

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Active Learning Methods --> Implementing Active Learning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

When I have a lot of content to cover, I like using short discussions mixed with lecture.  Pick out a concept that may be complicated and let students discuss it.  This helps me to evaluate if students are grasping material.  I also like to pose questions such as what is the first thing you should do in X situation and why.

The fear of personal and professional barriers are often the cause of failure to adopt the methods. There is risk involved, especially with peers, but the results with Students more than compensates for this.


Active learning, while preferable, isn't always easy to implement for myriad reasons.

Low risk active learning strategies are great for science lab exercises.  The activities can be alternated with brief periods of instruction and allow the students to make the connections.  Active learning activites encourage students to work together and of course to learn together.


Active learning requires preparation. Know your expectations for the students for each active learning activity. The more specific, and clear the better

Start implementing active learning methods by planning for small activities first.


This module increased my awareness of the various types of barriers to incorporating active learning activities and strategies to overcoming these barriers.  I prefer to start with low-risk active learning activities and then through these activities, assess the students' readiness to participate in and learn from higher-risk active learning activities.

Dana Redmond


Active learning allows the students to have some autonomy and control over their learning process. Be sure to be prepared with your active learning activities. Keep things breif and interesting.

Acitive learning strategeis are very benefical for the adult learners. It is better to choose the low risk and high risk activitiese learning strategies. 

Active learning gives students more control over the learning process, but that does not mean less classroom management is needed. In fact, more monitoring may be needed to ensure students are on task, understanding the objectives and activities correctly, and that problem students do not cause trouble for the group. Several kinds of activities can be used, including group discussions or presentations, or role-playing, and some activities are more high risk than others. Active learning may present barriers, including general, personal, professional, and (resource? logistical?). All of these can be overcome by keeping activities short and simple at the outset, using the resources on hand, creative use of the classroom space, and consultation with educational peers and administrators.

Active learning is both instructive and more fun for the students because they will be doing the small projects to put actions (skills) to the knowledge


This was helpful for learning ways to overcome barriers in the classroom.


I'm happy to learn that my teaching techniques are a combination of lecture and active learning strategies. I'm happy to have learned a wider variety of stratagies that I can implement in my future courses.

I've often been "criticized" for embracing lecture.  Having seen this module, however, has opened my eyes to the fact that I have had active learning activities EVERY DAY that I lecture because I DO incorporate discussions, group reading activities, personalization of the material with short surveys, and in class writing activities that are submitted and even student-led teaching/tutoring of the content.  Thank you for this!!   I have also learned how to do MORE of this.  Coupled with the steps of implementing an active learning activity, I can confidently start planning!! 


Active learning helps sutdents put theory to practice.


Active learning is necessary for adult learners. Instructors should continual be aware of barriers fot effective learning activities. 


I have acquired a lot of new knowlege when it comes to active learnig  I want my students to succeed in their learning activies  and critical thinking.   The more I am aware of my of teaching style  the better I can engage my students to an active learning and more successful environment

There will always be barries to delivering course content. Continued gowing and gaining experience will provide more knowledge to be prepared if/when these barriers occur and how to react to them, and sometimes even be proactive to prevent them from happening in the first place.


The lesson identified barriers and challenges to implementing active learning activitiesin but it also provided solutions.


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