Jesse Jackson III

Jesse Jackson III

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The learning guidlines for the adult students vary, so having an understanding of all of the possible outlines makes for essentially "tailoring" an education for each specific student.


Flexibility with students advising is ideal. Sometimes the communication process during advising can be easy or very difficult! A multi-level approach will assist in most situations that require advising as there usually more than one answer/solution.


There are many different forms of listening that effect a conversation or situation you or your students are in. 


The relationship between the students and the teachers/institution shouldn't be viewed as just transactional. The main focus of the teachers is to provide a quality education and the main focus of the students should be to earn a quality education.


Adult learners have different needs, especially ones outside of the classroom, that may effect their performances/educational experiences.


Everyone comes from different backgrounds, including the instructor. Taking some time to get to know them and things about them will exponentially help the students feel more comfortable as well as the instructor!


Several different assesment factors are needed to accurately address the student's progress


Having students in your class that are learning english can be challenging for the instructor as well! The idea is to make them comfortable but not do the thinking/work for them, but to provide thought-provoking questions during class that will assist their learning.


A strong support system and effective instructor guidance makes the learning process easier (although it does that years to master)


ELL have difficulty beomcing proficient in the language, it's not an overnight process.


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