Elizabeth Krupp

Elizabeth Krupp

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The use of card games was a great idea. It can be used with any learning objective that has compare/contrast, if this, then that, and other dual idea concepts. 

Using hard to forget props is an excellent method to increase retention of the steps of a process. Most learners use a variety of methods to remember important information and this is a great way to mesh those ways for them.


Many nurses use hand gestures and facial signals to each other when working with patients. The idea to create a set for the students is great and will help them learn without worrying about how to not look incompetent in front of patients or their families.



There were some very good ideas about active learning to instruct students on observation skills. Many professions need excellent observational skills such as police, fire, and health care. Sight, sound, smell, heat, etc. can mean the difference in life or death for an individual and these may be the only clues to the dangers. 


It is important that the student receive constructive and positive feedback frequently. It is hard to change a behavior if the person doesn't know they are doing it wrong. This should come from the preceptor, the company supervisor and the instructor. 


An internship is a system that requires the company supervisor, the internship coordinator, and the student to work together to create the best learning experience for the student. This helps to keep minimize problems and improves the learning of skills and knowledge for the student.


The use of a diary is an excellent idea. It is something that will not only help during the intership, but can be continued during their career to document important milestones or how a problem was successful solved and can be reviewed at a later date if that problem reoccurs.


Learning about the responsibilities and expectations of the position is very important and internships give the student the ability to do so with less pressure as they aclimate to the company and people they are going to be working with. This is one of the advantages of intership. 


Internships are one of the best things for a student to practice skills they have learned during their education as well as any they will learn with their preceptor. It is also the best way to determine if that job is what you want or if you want to do something different. They will get to know those that they would most likely be working with, will be taught the company's culture and see if it is a good fit. Many times, the company will offer them a job when they complete the intership. A win-win for both!


Active learning is both instructive and more fun for the students because they will be doing the small projects to put actions (skills) to the knowledge


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