Roselle Samson-Mojares

Roselle Samson-Mojares

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A Crisis is a very individual and unique event.  


Adult learners appreciate experiential learning.  They also look for structure and planned out classes/courses centering on the main concepts of the course.


Developmental advising takes every student as an individual.  The faculty is guided by the school's policies yet there is customization and choices provided.


Attentive listening means:

-understanding the speaker

-non verbal communication shows the speaker how attentive the listener is

-encourage the speaker to talk

-avoid being overly friendly

-do not formulate arguments (combative listener)


The principal objective of customer service toward students: education.


Adult learners face situational, dispositional, and institutional barriers which we must consider and address.

Adult learners bring unique contributions and challenges to higher education.

To increase retention, higher education institutions must address academic and non-academic factors.


These are awesome ideas, I have not come across most of them.


these are great ideas, i just wish there is a budget for some of these


Patient bingo - for students who are shy, this will encourage them to interact with patients

Event cards - will help assess and test the students' critical thinking skills

Staff surprises - gives students oportunities to verbalize good and not so good experiences with staff

Gestures/signs - code between students and faculty to communicate in front of patients without upsetting the patients on embarassing the students

Dot on watch - reminds students what task need supervision and helps keep track of their progress


Start the class with an activity that will help them "unfocus" on their anxiety/ a diversion activity that will get them thinking.

Or incorporate an activity which they will easily recall because it is fun -  this will help them remember the concept/content taught for the day.


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