Barbara Anthony

Barbara Anthony

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It is helpful to creaat new ideas that will help the students learn difficult content

Drawing the brain on the plastic cap and Drawig the anatomy on the T shirt are good ideas for learnig the anatomy.

This section had quite a few ideas. I especially liked the Event cards. This is a good tool that will keep the students on their toes.

This courses has introduced me to creative ways to get students aquainted with ways to sharpening their clinical skills.

games interaction is less intemidating.

Becoming a good communicator is important for the customer relationship

integrated learning provides the students with skills that will help them after finishing school on the job and in life situations

understanding and applying trade skills includes understanding using crital thinking skills

It is important to help the student learn presentation skills and feel  comfortable when presenting ideas and understand problem solving with groups and themselves.

Student involvement leads to great  life experience badges

ways to promote student empowerment is to allow students to have multiple ways to learning and work at their own pace.

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