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Teaching to Learning Styles | Origin: ED103

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Student Learning and Assessment--> Teaching to Learning Styles

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

By considering a variety of learning styles amongst my classroom of students, I can tailor lectures and projects to meet these different styles so eveyone is gaining the knowledge needed to progress in the subject matter that is being taught.


It's important to know the different learning styles present in the classroom. It's a great way to reach the student.

The different learning styles helps students to improve on their grade average.Therefore it is good to teach on a variety of styles to enhance learning in the classroom

Using different learing styles while teaching will help student focus, retention which turns into better grades.

Using different teaching styles will help students learn since it will have a variety of ways to reach a student's learning style. Students will be able to retain information better and the different teaching styles will allow each student to learn through preference.

I better understand different learning styles and the startegies I can sue to be more inclusive going forward. 


Even when teaching a career and technical education class, which we assume draws only kinesthetic learners, all learning styles must be incorporated.

Everyone has different educational needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  Information is percieved differrently by others and should be considered when designing and deliviring instruction

An understanding of the different learning styles can aid in designing as well as delivering instruction.



It is important for the instructor to be aware of the different learning styles.  It is important for the instructor to accomodate the learning styles of his/her learners.

this lesson provided a good overview of learning styles, and how to best imstruct them

I gained a deeper awareness of the different learning styles and methods.  I will incorporate differnt educational techniques to try and touch on all learners preferred styles.

This module was very benefical in designing a class by considering the different learning styles to reach students effectively. 

This is very beneficial in remembering to be diverse on how you present materials to the students. And use all the ways if possible for them to learn th best way.

Knowing different students learning styles is of great interest and benefit to any instructor.  I really enjoyed learning more about this, and will strive to implement it successfully.

Aligning learning styles with students will maximize impact. 


Different learning styles can improve performance by approaching students in the sensory mode they are strongest in. So using a variety of delivery and assessment techniques, such as media and colorful presentations, readings, group projects and games and audio or lecture, you can help them to achieve the greatest success.


this course allows students to learn in different ways of learning and how they use different methods of learning 


Taking under consideration  the  variety of learning styles amongst my  students, I can tailor my lectures and projects to meet these different styles so eveyone is gaining the knowledge needed to progress in the subject matter that is being taught.

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