Marie M. Jean- Giilles

Marie M. Jean- Giilles

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This is very important to create a mental image of wat you want to project on your screen. Learners need to see how the knowledge and skills that they 've developed can be used indifferent settings

The plan B is always important , If you se your student not engage or participate in the lesson plan. Some time the majority of students have not experience or training in Scott Skills which are critical for career success.

Most of the times i used power point also.

When Student enter a course they need to move their senses to high alert so that they can take in the required input . As an Instructor , you need to recognize how the different senses are used ,inn the process of learning .

Sight 83% Hearing 11% Smell 3.5% Touch 1 % Taste 1%.

I like that also Education life-long process of acquiring new Knowledge and experiences.

Research has shown that an instructor is personality can have a major impact on the retention and progression of a student learners. 

I think this is good to remember Some people become Instructor as a fall - back position field through teaching because their can remind in their a great way to  get through a mistake is humor .

A simple way to help improve your teaching skill is to keep a journal of your class experience.

Its a very power ful topic "Making a positif impact"


It is important to go daily over our stratgy and goal. What is success for us ? And how we can help people to be successful in their journey. Ilike that definition about" Success.

Success do not happen by accident ,Success comes from thinkink and picturing what you want and then executing effective plan to get there"

Every one has the power to create the kind of result they want .But you know some time they need to be motivated and make confident,by saying yes you can do it,… >>>

The best way to keep students in your school is Modleling , Mentoring and Monitoring yoir students .According to this study it is important for each employee to be part of the students learning process. The administration Rep have to pay close attention to the students when a student is at Risk . Such as a [hone a call"



Attention =Retention 

Smile and ask for they ,re doing. More attention greater retention.

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They are so many ways you can recognize stress . When you feel tired , irritated , some time you can be impatient.

But , when you feel tired you can do some exercices ,try to share your frustration to some one you can trust . 




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