Meredith Butulis

Meredith Butulis

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The idea of letting students bring their own individual and cultural relevance to the story to enhance inclusion will be valuable in my teaching. 

I had not previously entertained the idea of the value of story telling to create a relaxing learning environment. 

I found the link to many different App based resources interesting. I will try exploring some of the free Apps to see how they may enhance the classroom experience. 

The connection to learning expectations and different ways to employ levels (with rationale) was valuable. 

I appreciated how the module emphasized outcomes focus and needs analysis to inform guided change and continuous improvement. I noticed that the students were included as stakeholders in the feedback to guide change. While I believe this is important and already incorporate elements of student surveys to inform change, I I also have some remaining curiosities:


1. Is there a correlation between innate learning styles and appreciation of flipped classroom methods?

2. How accurately does a class' input from one year reflect the needs and learning preferences of the following year's cohort? 


I found the example of linking pre-watched content assessment into classroom opening activity the most valuable. 

I had not specifically thought about how the flipped classroom would impact the Bloom's taxonomy levels. While I inherently had observed this before, this is the first time I saw the explicit thoughts linked. This explicit link can help describe value to stakeholders. 

While I thought I was familiar with flipped classroom learning, I see that the definition here is more expansive to be inclusive of video/lecture during F2F time. 

I had not specifically thought of computer literacy as a discrete list of sub-skills before. This is helpful awareness. 

I appreciated the thought of considering success as a process of ability to adapt; I can teach students this specific concept as well. 

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