Valerie Bailey

Valerie Bailey

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I have always used a to do list when I was a practicing nurse at the bedside, now I can see how to use them in the classroom.

I am wondering if I am over-prepping. Does anyone else worry about that too?

My difficulty with adding so many UMs to my lecture seemed to start when I was teaching on zoom during covid. I have been trying to control it but nothing seems to work so far. I have just come to where I explain to the students that I am stuck in a vortex of UMS!! I hope it doesn't sound as stupid as it feels

To maintain a creating amount of energy and enthusiasm in order to give each class by incorporating fun facts or pizza days

The importance of language in the classroom.  Making sure that the medical terms used are understood by the student. It is so easy to slip into medical terminology assuming that everyone understands when it is quite the opposite. If we role model this early on they will develop the same skills when they are reinforcing education for the clients.

going over the expectations and the course syllabus at the beginning of the course is important and can be done in a way that incites energy and fun into the class

I am usually a sucker for a decent excuse for late assignments from my students but I after having read what was included in this training about how the people that we train you for wont accept late products, I think I will be changing my ways! 

Having worked with students for more than 10 years I can definitely agree that prompt grading is very important to them!

I liked the idea of having a plan B and journaling

I will keep my points down to 3-5 on my slides and use the white board to make sure that any other concept that needs to taught can be done on the white board.

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