Todd Henson

Todd Henson

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Open AI has already led to bias based on the founders such as GOOGLEs release that took and replaced the race of historical figures. Huge potential problem with AI 

understand your students and adapt

Be aware of many teaching styles to accommodate different learning styles. 

Adult learners are motivated by internal not external factors, typically leaning is to be applied immediately.

So as the student ages, their outlook changes on their motivation. Some say that these "crisis" should be resolved in a specific timeframe in order to be happy

Most have some sort of higher education, slower at learning new info but cognitive skills have not diminished. 

To combat "death by powerpoint" there are some simple guidelines. 10/20/30. slow your pace on the slides...just like public speech. 

Preparing for your class each day is paramount to the student experience. More than just having handouts, doing what we can to get the student to focus and to accept the training makes for instruction to be achievable.

The use of tablets will be the new now. Interactive learning, critical thinking, and community can be better accomplished with the proper use and implementation of tablets. 

Tablets are a two-edged sword. Yes if left on their desk with the ability to navigate outside of an app will be very distracting. 

My opinion: However, if we can keep them in an app we can offer more interactivity. 

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