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Review of Bloom's Taxonomy is always refreshing and useful. I will have to make a poster of it an put it into my classroom.

I gotta give this a try. It would seem to be effective at keeping the students engaged in the classroom. 

Choose your delivery media based on your content, personality and student diversity and learining styles. 

I like the rubirc of teacher types presented at the beginnig of this module. I have to think a bit about where I stand, but somewhere between Drill Sargeant and Zen-type. It is always difficult to be in front of the student and to recognize my own teaching style and reflect on how I can change/modify it to meet the needs of such a diverse set of students. 

Safety is the primary concern for many educators, students and family and should be taken very seriously. Continously reminding of rules and posting of safety rules in the lab environment are key.

Active learning strategies can greatly increase the amount of knowledge retention in students. In my classes, I can't get away from lecturing completely, but I can reduce the amount of lecturing to essential information and then have a collaborative environment where the students are able to actively be involved in creating a learning environment. 

The affective domain is, for me, the most difficult to come to terms with. I believe that trial and error methods are probably most effective in creating a good understand and practical application of the affective domain. Understanding a students character and comfort level (and what makes them comfortable) is good to understand. 

I found the idea of a curriculum map extremely helpful when trying to get an overview of all the content I would like to cover for a semester. Another advantage is that if it is well done, it can be translated into a Syllabus very easily, thereby commuicating the course's content and expectations clearly to the the students. 

After reading about the importance of industry certifications in CTE programs, I will look into be able to offer these opportunities to my students in the coming years. 

Aligning my curriculum to facilitate employable skills is a MUST in education today.

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