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Understanding Attrition | Origin: RT101

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Improving Retention through Timely Intervention --> Understanding Attrition

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It is everybody who is apart of the Institution that is responsible for retaining students is class.  Reasure students that they are important and deserve to be in school.


 I learn, I am responsable to encourage and reasure my students and to pay attentions for different stress signals from my students. I need to help them acomplish their dream of completing their education, by doing everithyn in class room to asure my students the best education.

Attrition and retention serve different purposes, but the crux of the relationship is that one makes way for the other. In order to promote retention within an organization, an employer might invest to create a corporate culture where employees grow and excel so that these individuals find little reason to leave. These efforts might begin with an informative and transparent orientation for new hires in an attempt to make employees feel knowledgeable about a corporation from day one. These efforts are all attempts to create retention.

I've learned that we all go through the general adaptation syndrome but others are able to cope with stress better than others. Providing resources to students could potentially help them cope with stressors better and allow for a less overwhelming adaptation syndrome. 

I learned that most students go through the same phases. Some have better coping mechanisms than others. It's not just the instructors job to help the student. There is an entire team that can provide assistance.

I learned how to better identify the different stages of stress response and that while we all go through the stages, some are better equipped to cope with it.  I also learned the importance of everyone at the institution contributing to show committment to students and encouragement. Postivity, demonstrating the importance of their chosen profession and helping students keep focus on the end goal can help in keeping students from making rash decisions.

Ita improtant to learn about the General Adaptation Syndrome, and how that can show up in our students, and where we can intervene to help guide them in the best way possible. 


This course is helping to remind and identify cues students are showing and how by paying attention to our students we can help them to cope with stress as a team. Thus, showing the student we care and helping to improve retention. 

Being authentic and interested in your student's potential is important. Recognizing cues from your student's when things are not right, not usual for student behavior. Being human and acknowledging this is also important.


It's important to recognize when students are developing general adaptation syndrome and the tools the faculty can employ to best mitigate it.

I learned each student is really important for us. I learned I should  ready to help my students. I teaching students how to indentify problems, develop alternatives, and communicate solutions.


It is important to let students know you hear them and they are important.  Listening to students and recognizing the clues they give when they are not feeling it and then helping them by giving them suggestions and resources to help them get back on track


How a student percieves themselves, thier situation and / or thier school all have individual and cumlatitve impact to thier success at school ie retention 


i learned the stages of stress and how it effects the students. Quitting is sometimes their solution. As faculty and staff we need to learn how to give positive feedback and help them with poblem solving and resources. 

Understanding that "we become what we think and, to some extent, we become what others think of us" is a powerful concept for all levels of staff to understand.

Being aware that how we react and respond to student concerns makes a difference and encourages student retention.

I learned that when a student is overwhelmed and need help, as an instructor it would be a good idea to set an appointment with the students to assist them toward success 

the students need to feel important and feel value in what is going on



Reassurance and genuine dedication to students is very important. Students can get overly stressed and will need people around them to show they care.

the most sccessful retention efforts are built on trust

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