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Building credibility, increasing value, and building departmental connections are important components to an effective orientation. 

I have learned about buyers' remorse and how students are uncertain if they are making the right choice and we should assure them. Also, we know that students do care about Institution Credibility.

I am proud to say I work at an institution who not only practice what they preach but by me taking these courses, I now see where this all stems from. The orientation that our school provides is clearly outlined in this lecture. Great job.


I like this suggestion about orientation it say, "Planning your orientation content should reinforce the student's decision to attend your institution. As you consider the topics, you should reinforce the various support systems your institution has in place and the availability of your faculty and staff to assist them. Be sure to present in various ways your institution's unique ability to prepare them for a successful career." 


Attack issues head on. Be credible. Be unique and work as a team with others.


Orientation is a great opportunity to create a welcoming, informative, fun environment for new students. This can help reassure students who may have had buyers remorse about committing to your school. 

Orientation is an important method of student retention. This is the first step to incorporating the student into the college community.

It is important to student to feel like they belong so that they don't feel buyers remorse during the start of the program. Also its important that they know and feel that their decision was right. 


Having a strong structure and being able to enhance strong rapports and overall experience will lead to consistent and engaging orientation that will ultimately reflect credibility. 

I like the station idea for Orientation. Our Orientation gets bogged down, when we sell books or start taking photos.


bulid some structure to the orientation and have some fun will help get the student even more bought in on school.  Having some exercises or fun quizes to help break the ice will also help make them feel more like they are home


Correct Fit at the Education Institutions is a must.  Which falls back to communicating expectations 

I never thought about the idea of students experiencing buyer's remorse, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Being aware of it, we can do a better job of reassuring them that they are making a good decision in pursuing a new career. It's also good reinforcement to have the whole team play a part in being the support system for students.


Offering beneficial information and clarifying all of the requirements helps the students have a better road map of there success journey.

In order to help ease and calm studentsworries and fears, you should cover them during orientation. Try to relieve their feelings of buyers remorse by reassuring them that their decision to enroll was not a bad decision. We need to build the value of our institution by talking about our how long we've been opperating, size of the company/institution, why our institution is unique, discuss our success/graduation rates, how many students are currently attending the institution, etc. Other ways we can ease their worries is to have them complete group activities/ stations, answer questions/ give a quiz to see what was retained. 

Post-orientation is so important for the students to see exactly what is going on how they leave oreintation will depend whether they stay or not for the rest of the oreintation time. 


Taking very specific steps towards oreintation and making activities meaningful and purposeful vs "winging" it

I liked the idea of having students move to various locations on campus to learn about the different offices and how they can help. I also think it is important to have current students be at orientation to start conversations in order to connect the new students to campus.


Make the students feel comfortablein the school andfeel  good about their decision to attend.