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School Involvement Affects Retention | Origin: RT103

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Implementing Successful Student Retention Strategies --> School Involvement Affects Retention

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned that it important to help the student feel important and that the instructor really wants them to succeed. I will be more mindful of thsse things and bring to the class perhaps a video of gradutation days from the school to give them a view of the excitement during graduation.

I've learned that how an instructor is in the classroom really affects if the student wants to stay with the program. By making activities mandatory it will help the student feel like they belong and want to stay at the school to keep the friendships and bonds that they have formed. 

I intend to apply it by having training sessions with instructors explaining key things to look for in a student's performance if they are struggling and giving them the tools to be able to help that student. 

School involvement is a very important factor to the students retention. Bonding occurs formally and informally. Pairing the students together for "study buddies" and having special events or campus projects. This helps with the students fear and anxiety, then they can both share their experiences. 

making the student feel important and that they belong plays a big part in them wanting to be in school. 


It is important to show the students that they are important and we are here to help and assist them. Showing them that they are important and that we are here to see them succeed...


A student's sense of belonging is key to retention and student succss.

Celebrating a students achievments from the start of their journey all the way through completions celebrates and encourages the student body. When students feel like the focus is on them, and that an institution is soley focused on their success, they will naturally want to succeed. 

I love the "retention state of mind" comment. 

To improve retention, it starts with admissions, transfers into academics, and runs through graduation. 


We need more student spotlight when it comes to the students and their programs

I learned that social support is just as important and successcul academic prerformance in maintaining retention. I will apply what I have learned by continuing to provide academic support for the benfit of my students' success.


Prior to COVID our school had graduations and the students loved it and the families.  It is time to get that started back up for students. Social interation like field trips were another thing before covid.  Time to get back to living and social interation again. 

Teachers have alot of influence on student success. 


I learned that early retention is a key to success. Everyone working at the school should have a "retention state of mind." At my school I work in the student services department. Or focus is on watching for students who need assistance and assuring them that we are their go-to point of contact for any support they may need.


I learned that a dedicated  will improve retention. If the student feel they're important and that the Instructor is vested in their completion of the program and thei success. It's also very important for the students to form bonds with each other. That be achieved by the students having study groups and also serves as a support system if a student experiences a life challenge.

Students need a support system through the school - one that has credibility.

For graduation, I really like the idea of a press release to announce the graduated students.  

I will now organize a meeting with my faculty to better train them. 

Make sure students are bonding with each other and instructors need to be more aware of and sensitive to student issues. Invite current students to graduation so they can see what it's going to look like for them when they graduate.

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