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Classmates are also a key component of good retention. Provide students with an opportunity to exchange phone numbers for support 

That faculty plays an important roll in retention. Student's really care if faculty know what they are talking about and give them the information they need to that they are learning.

The online platform has allowed this institutions to incorparate of lot of the needed suppiles or materials right on the platform. This is such a convience for students when they can locate vital information in one central location.


Seth Soronnadi

I planned to use this suggestion it said ("When considering how to best get faculty involved in the orientation process, they should:of them introduce themselves and provide a brief synopsis of their background This is the ideal situation, where students enrolling in a particular major can interact and ask questions of the faculty in that discipline.This allows for relationships and expectations to be formed early in the process')

Incorporating pictures of previous classes really gains interest in belonging to the school’s community. We have a collage of pictures showing previous graduates in our lab area. This is often a subject of conversation during orientation and admission tours. Often new students will see people they know on the graduate wall and it will bring them the confidence that they too can complete the program.

Its important to build a relationship with the students so that they know that you are there to help them succeed. 


Success is observed, achieved and practiced through team work and leadership. Our staff/faculty have a direct impact on student success and 'setting the tone' for achievement and success. 

Reply to Rena Lloyd's post:How do you get the campus director to open Orientation up a little bit more and include staff and faculty?

I can appreciate the incorporation of a welcome letter from faculty and/or the academic affairs head as part of the welcome packet.



Allow students to meet instructors before they start as well as getting to meet each other and possibly exchange numbers is helpful


Meeting the instructor ahead of time, is a great way to set expetations and properly estalish good communication

I like the idea of faculty being more involved before the 1st day of school, I think it would inspire more confidence in the student to meet them early.

Faculty involvement in crucial to learning. i always ask students to introduce themselves in class and try to promote positive interaction. Everyone has preconceived ideas how teachers behave from past experiences. Thus,  it is always a good idea to set them straight before class begins.Promote a healthy and approachable environment .  

Faculty participation in orientation is important for potential students. By intorducing your faculty members and allowing them to talk about their personal interests, history, and goals, this allows the students to feel more comfortable with the faculty/staff and see them as people. This allows students to form common-ground/bond with their future instructors creating a sense of comfort and welcome. It is also important to to have current students talk about their experiences, allow the students to interact with each other and get to know their fellow classmates, as this provides a more welcomingh environment for the students.

As a faculyt it is important to wear diffirent hats and make sure that the students see that. You can just one kind of faculty member, then you will be stuck. However, if you were multiple hats and are more fluid in there roles, this is a lot better. Also establishing a good communication with students is good. 


Faculty involvement in orientation can allow for faculty to start building rapport with students. Facilitating students to exchange phone numbers or creating chat groups to support one another is a great way to build cohesion and a source of support.


Faculty and other students are a key component.


Allowing students a chance to meet and speak with faculty members prior to starting class will build rapport and trust in who is guiding their education.


Orientation activities can help students to remain excited to enter the program. Intermittent meet and greets will also help with this retainment leading up to the orientation.