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Building a program to ensure a smooth "hand off" from Admissions to Faculty is a critical component of student retention. Best Practices -  know your institutions' catalog, policies, and procedures.

Instructors who have lived in the real world and can relate to their students helps to keep the lines of communication open. Self disclosure is vital when teahcing adults. The adult learner needs to know that you truly understand what they are going through. We have all been teen agers, so for the most part we should know how to communicate with them.


Seth Soronnadi

I found this to be heplful it says "Talk personally with some students who have withdrawn to determine what their experiences were and then build in ways to increase the value at your college" to leave or to stay

I like the layout of the course so far. It deals what the students are thinking and how to deal with all the possible fears and different learners.


I have learned that student expectations are much higher than they ever have been and schools should be able to meet those expectations if they want to improve retention. Students have high expectations for faculty, career preparation, and the school's credibility. 

We currently have graduates and student ambassadors speak with students at orientation. Having these former students act as continuing mentors throughout the program is a good idea.

You want to make sure you students feel valued. They are going to be better off taking these courses and while increasing their knowledge. 


Gather information based on needs, empower student(s) with resources available to discuss options. Ensure full knowledge of staff and interaction of students is always a meaningful or pleasant experience. 

I found out how it is important to be connected with students specially of a first year of education. Personal staff's involvement and good relations are the best platforms for student's success and retention. 


I found out how important it is to have a "peer mentor" type of program set up. I think a lot of students come in worried and seeing students who have been here for awhile be comfortable would be huge for our students. 


Keep lines of communication with students open, be available and supportive.  As adult learners, students tend to have a lot on external demands on their time (family, job, children, stress).  Clear expectations can reduce stress and allow them to learn in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Student have higher expectations than I gave them credit for. Being minfdul of students anxieties when entering into a program. Knowlng this, keeping it in mind, and doing something to ally their fears. 


Good content in this course.  It provides good reminders to keep the student needs centered on your daily operations.


A smooth hand off from Admissions to Education is very important.  Knowing the catalog and the policies and proceedures also help so that you don't miss represent the school.  Having every department avaliable for night students helps as well


Communicating Expectations is a dire necessity.  Both student and teacher must make sure they understand EACH OTHERS expectaions for the class

I learned a lot from this fist module but specifically that perception is reality, and that we really need to consider policies, procedures, and interactions from the student's perspective, not ours. And also the importance of always looking to add value to our students so that they will choose to stay and finish their programs even when life may be hard for them outside of school. We need to be a constant in their lives, provide the stability they may be lacking in other areas.


lets help change lives

This is great material to help with retention.