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Building Your Retention Program | Origin: RT101

This is a general discussion forum for the following learning topic:

Improving Retention through Timely Intervention --> Building Your Retention Program

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I realize the importance of gathering personal information on students, having students set goals, why the school does surveys and who does the Exit Interviews,how rewarding Seminars can b e for students and people who participate.  Identifying campus resources for students. Keeping the Dream with students with field trips and expectations,employement oppurtunites,Outside activities and Appreciation Events and Awards, Club and Organization,Car poolingand Hiring Practice. Its a system that if excecuted correctly can benifit all 

Students, Faculty. all those who participate in this business.


I agree wtih Susan Wright.

I've learned that there are several factors that impact a student's decision to stay at a school from campus resources, classroom instructions, and even communication tools. That being said, the institution should create a culture that allows all departments to focus on the success of the student. 

I learned the importance of a multi-faceted approach.  There is no one easy solution.  It takes multiple different components to support student success with all staff and faculty on board.  I like how seemingly 'little' changes or implementations when done all together can make a substantial impact.

Its important to keep students eye on the prize, I liked the idea of sending career information to keep students pushing toward their goal 


Showing appreciation, being relatable, keeping focused, mentoring, clear communication, and informing students regular and being responsive are all key indicators of assisting students to stay on task. 


I learned that there are several resources (mentorship, tutoring, exit interviews etc.) that can be use to gather insight on the student's experience. These services can improve retention as well as introduce ways the school can improve their services.

Using as many resources as you can to help students is the key.  Showing that you apprecitate them and understand their struggles.  Being a good mentor also helps them feel heard.  Good clear communication also allows them to feel trust with the whole school


Staying connected and communicating with the students is important. Using the tools on a consistent basis and sharing those tools with other depatments will build the team at the school. Knowing the resources that you have available and using them to help the students and show that you care. 

Creating opportunities for students to develop a connection to other students and staff will be important.  Reminding students often to their end goal and why they chose our school in the first place, leads to student persistence/perseverance and increase student retention.

I have learned that there are many resources available for students to be successful and students may not be aware of those resources so an instructor if a student needs any help an instructor can guide them to an appropriate resource.  

use all kinds of thing for student to interact 


Very infomative information

Connecting with students is very important in making them feel welcomed and being able to be open with the staff is a good sign for open communication and retention.

We Care culture

believe in student success.

Communication with our students is an important step in retention. Maintain a open door policy.


Faculty and Staff development is also important with the student growth as well. It will be great to see how it may grow and how they go foward. 

I have learned that there are many ways to keep students engaged in the learning process.

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