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Retention Basics | Origin: RT101

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Improving Retention through Timely Intervention --> Retention Basics

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned different strategies to help accomedate students as needed. I intend to apply it by recognizing which appropriate accomedations a student may need.


I learn the students retention is  every sttuff member responsability, and the students can drop out if they don feel respected or short change.


I learned about the unneccesary causes of attrition. While the causes are relatable, it is good to have the  listed as key points. It's important too that messaging about student success at an institution has meat to it rather than being a feel-good platitude. 


I learned that there is no universally accepted definition for retention. Every department may associate a different meaning with this word. Although we all may have a different meaning for it, overall it is a by-product of doing the right thing and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the retention of the institution. 

The message received is that we must get to know our students and always keep an open conmunication.

Student contact is essential to retention.

Keeping in touch with the student and making sure they know there is a TEAM of people to help them is key.

I learned that there is no one definition for retention and that even different departments throughout the institution may view retention differently.  I plan on using what I learned to focus on unnecessary attrition and better identify early on warning signs of attritrition so that we can get ahead of it. Ensuring everyone understands the importance of attritition so we are all working together to minimize it.

A lot of questions are answered in this first module, including the fact that retention is just not one departments responsibility its all staff, faculty and adminsitration

I have learned the retention process and what I can do an instructor to aid in this process. 

I learned every department plays an important role in retention. "Think of rentetion as the by-product of doing the right things the right way, of having the right people in the right place at the right time" It goes on to explain that retention is not just the work for front line workers, this is the needed work of the collective university.


Retention is not the work of one; it takes a village of culutre of true belief in what goals of the instituition are. Doing what is right at the right time and place.


I have learned that the answer to retaining students isn't simple. There is should be a multi-facted approached to ensuring students have the tools and resources necessary to feel they are valued and are able to excel at your institution. However, there are circumstances beyond the faculty's control that will inevitably result in loss of retention.


Faculty are best situated to intervene and support an individual student who is struggling and at risk of dropping out.


I have learned that every department needs to take an active role in the retention of students.  That everyone needs to comit to supporting the student and truly hearing from the student what their needs are.  In addtion, being able to recognize trending especially in the first ACY is critical in making improvements.


Student retention is a crucial aspect to the overall success of a higher education institution. I have learned that there are many ways to help achieve student retention, however every year brings new challenges and expeectation from our potential new students as well. It is important as educators that we continue to stay open and fluid in our approach to having a successful in our student retention capabilities. 


I learned that retention is the responsibility of the entire campus and that continuing to build positive relationships with our students can make a big difference. 

Retention is the responsibility of everyone who interacts with a student. Staff should always encourage student interaction through engaging them with open ended questions. Staff should also have an in depth working knowledge of supports available to direct the students to the appropriate area or staff to the appropriate student.

I have learned keeping in touch with the students and making sure they know there is a "Student Services" to help them, to hear thier problems and support them. They are not alone with tones of problems. Somebody is responsible to answers and support them to continue thier education. 


Retention is a campus effort.  There are a number of factors that impact.  

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