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My goal is to make my service all about the customer. Treat them the way they want to be treated.     

Customer service has changed drastically over the past several decades. We must be willing to evolve along with it if we hope to maintain a positive relationship with our students/customers. It is all about being willing to progress and taking in to account what the level of customer service should be based on today, not yesterday. 


you are who makes customer service great. Great engery, great sprit. Always make the customers feel happy!!! go above and beyond!


It is important to provide excellent customer service. Students who have a bad experience share the information with twice as many people. It behooves us to provide a excellent service experience!


The importance of making each interaction with your customer/student memorable. The need to create that loyalty is critical in today's world. 


Customer service is the act of supporting and advocating for customers in their discovery, use, optimization, and troubleshooting of a product or service. It's also the processes that support the teams making good customer service happen. The goal of customer service is to foster lasting customer relationships.

Excellent customer service ultimately comes down to the human elements. Customers want speed and convenience, but they also look for empathy and commitment to the issues they care about. Walking a mile in customers' shoes has big-time business value: 61% of customers say they will spend more to buy from a company that is empathetic and understanding.

Good employees are the key to good customer service and training is managemnts key to keeping good customer service. 

You have to continually work to mainatain good customer it is not a one and done


I have learned that customer service is forever evolving. In today's culture consumers want the most convenient, personalized experience possible, while at the same time paying the cheapest price. 


Customer service has changed over time. In today's age, it is imperative to offer great customer service to stand out. Many large companies are bringing thier customer service back to in-house to compete with the smaller more intimate companies.


Communication is key when creating a customer-centered environment.  Having multiple outlets is important in higher education because students come from all backgrounds and skill-sets.  Keeping it personal and in-house is important to mainting a personal relationship.  

To have the mindset of treating customers how you would want to be treated. Make them feel good and positive about their experiences that they would want to tell others (online), friends, and family. Doing so builds good reputation, relationships, and a successful business. 



I learned that customer service is essential in higher education. Our students are our customers, as we would not exist without them. It’s not about going “above and beyond”, but doing right by the customer each and every day through consistency and integrity. Keeping up with the evolution of technology is allow our university to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best resources for our customers; our students. I intend to apply what I have learned by staying true to who I am as a person and upholding a high level of integrity. I do this by following through with what I say I will do and providing the best experience to each student I encounter each day, no matter what journey the student faces.

Listening to students and their families.  Here what it is that they are looking for . . .  is your school a good fit for the student?



I learned that customer service trends will continue to evolve, and we have to be open to it. What worked ten years ago is probably the bare minimum expectation of a customer today. That is why it is important to stay a step ahead by always making a conscious effort to provide the best customer service every interaction with customers. IN the case of an educational institution, the cutomer is the student.


Our school's internal customers (the students) can influence external customers (such as employers) whcih is why customer service is so important for all departments and staff.


I found the history of how as a country we became so customer service centric and how that lined up with the different decades.  It is so true that customer service is ever changing and the forfront of every business and can really make or break a company.  I do find the statement interesting of how everyone wants to seem like the corner store but have the global pricing of Walmart, because I do see that want for being accessible but also attracting customers with good pricing.  As a customer I know that having companies who are responsive and friendly/ down to earth is definitely something that I value and can see a lot of truth in what was covered.

Customer service is likely the most important aspect of any business. 


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