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Smithamol Greegorious Thomas

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Comment on Andrea Walraven's post: very well said. Common sense is one of the major qualities/soft skill required to get any job done appropriately.

My takehome message from this wntire module is, that all staff members have a duty to secure the information of kids. If overheard, talking negatively about a student in the hallway may be a FERPA violation. 

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Since FERPA contains so many different components, it is crucial that everyone who works with students understands exactly what information may and cannot be disclosed.

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Very well said. FERPA provides specific guidelines in Protecting the students rights!! 

Comment on Sheila Heinert's post: i completely agree with you. This course was very beneficial and an eye opener.

Teachers had a challenge in figuring out how to use these tools without detracting from the learning process while still assisting students with their projects and research

Comment on James Baker's post: In my opinion, tablet is a fantastic tool for both accessing and preserving knowledge. 

Visual note taking seems to be interesting; I will incorporate and promote this to my learning environment.

Wow. Cross words, puzzles and matching games are all great tips to make the learning more interesting and interactive. 

Comment on Kathleen O’Neil-Meyers's post: i agree; kahoot seems to be one of the most widely used methods snd students seems to engage.

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