Satwinder Bindra

Satwinder Bindra

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I learned that if a person is in crisis: It is important to listen to them and support them, be empathetic 


It is good to know that: Many people recognize that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques.


Each individual speaks his own language whereas culture is set of patterns in a cummunity dress, laws, customs 


Culture is customs, arts, social institutions but race is person's physical charistics 


Each student is unique and should be treated as a unique person keeping in mind diversity 


Different students learn differently and sometimes it could be challenging for some students if they have language barriers. 


Different language maybe spoken by a person in a different culture


Each person has their own individual style of learning and may adopt different ways to learn info. 

Culture is art beliefs, language but race is based on shared physical qualities. 


Way of living for a person: include such things as beliefs, arts, etc


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