Satwinder Bindra

Satwinder Bindra

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ChatGPT can enhance students' learning, as it gives quick feedback, and useful learning information, can summarize course notes, and assists with creating writing. 

The chatGPT can assist students in enhancing knowledge but students need to understand that the information could be outdated or misleading or may not be complete. Teachers can guide the students about ChatGPT. 

ChtGPT has many uses: It can be used for tutoring students, writing assistance, looking up books, journals, gaming and many more things. 

I learned that there are many benefits, students can interact and get feedback about learning with ChatGPT. Can get assistance with complex problems. 

There are many resources available on how to reduce stress and anxiety for teachers and how teachers can help reduce stress for their students. Some of the resources include and the International Stress Management Association. 

I have learned that stay in the present wherever you are, and stop thinking about the past or the present especially when you are talking with someone. Take breaks to relax and do deep breathing exercises, and you can assist students in mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety. 

I learned that facing any problems that come in life, will add growth in your life because avoiding any problems that you face will add more problems and stress. Best thing in life is either solve it yourself and if you cannot do it alone get assistance, and stay positive. 

I have learned that there are things you can do daily to reduce your stress, for example, a nature walk, and a pat yourself on the back, you can also help your students learn to relax their muscles before bedtime for a deeper sleep, breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. Eat healthy balanced diet, etc. 

Online lessons are usually shorter lesson plans. 

Deductive consists of a top-down approach, but the inductive approach is bottom-up. The instructor needs to use both of them for students' learning. 

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