Satwinder Bindra

Satwinder Bindra

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You can use raw spaghetti noodles to teach anatomy and physiology of how muscles work 





The goal of life story is to teach adults CPR as one man without telling students what is being taught. 


The cards can be used to offer fast way for critical thinking scenarios that that the instructor can give to the students in a clinical setting that will let students be active in learning 


You can use different tools to enhance learning 

Use can use different objects instead of realistic manikins to teach skills of what to do in case an infant is choking, and use a teddy bear to practice skills. 

I learned that different methods can be used in clinical to increase knowledge. 

For example, bingo card can be used and it is filled by the students each time they observed anything on a patient, like iv, or dressing, scar, etc. 

When students participate in activities such as asking each other questions or teaching each other they are actively engaging themselves and enhancing their knowledge of each other. 

One way to learn a new concept is by researching a subject by doing a research project. This will assist with language art skills that can be applied at real world at work. 

The course evaluation has three components 

The instructor's knowledge delivery method

the component


Comment on Lynn Kendrick's post: Comment on Lynn Kendrick's post: A course evaluation should include the instructor's knowledge and delivery method, the content, and the applicability/benefit to the student.



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