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The Importance of Organizational Culture | Origin: RT104

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Best Practices to Enhance Student Retention --> The Importance of Organizational Culture

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Stop negativity, work as a team, establish a shared vision using your intelligent heart.

Adult learners need to know that there is a team behind them when they enter school, online or other wise. They have to know that they are not just a number and that someone has their true best interest at heart.

it is well known that the teacher wants the students to suceed. What you are not able to do is have everyone have the save vision. What should that vision be? Some come to expand their knowledge. Some come for a job. Some are searching for something that puts meaning in theri life. So it is several visions and the realgoal everyone got out of the course to fufill their needs.

Campus culture begins with top leadership. Employees mimic, like children, the attitude and behaviors of their leaders. 

Positivity is the key to students’ success. 

Positivity goes a long way, both for the students & the instructors.

Avoid negativity at all cost, keep the students goal in mind, stay positive, encourage and communicate, positivity at all times.

A positive attitude can make a huge difference in a student's success.

organizational culture will vary by institution. additionally, organizational subcultures may exist within classes or departments so it is important to identify each.

Organizational cultures are unique to institutions. However, people are the ones that make up the organizations. If you have people with toxic and negative attitudes the organization will not succeed as it should.

On the other hand if the staff practice postivity and work together and support the same vision the goals of the organization will most certainly thrive and the result will be student success.

My favorite piece of knowledge from this section was the mind set of "want to" versus "have to." The reality is that no one really has to do anything, but there is typically an outcome or consequence of the inaction. If people could change the "had to's" to the "want to's" they would be much more likely to look forward to tasks instead of avoiding them.


Positivity is Powerful! If you believe you can do something and if you believe you can't do something, you are right! As educators we have to instill positivity into our students. You never know if they are receiving it anywhere else.


Having a common goal for students and remaining focused on having a postive atmosphere will set students up for success.

It is important to have a positive attitude towards the school because the students see this and it effects their mentality. 

Having a bull's eye for the team, aka a goal for the organization assists in continuing the success of the establishment. It's very similar to self-preservation. 


Working as a team creates support among staff. Others working together for the common goal of the establishment and to forward students learning will create better leaders in the future. 

The organizitional culture defines our roles in support of the vision and mission. I agree that all members of teh team should have a share in this culture as it creates for a better organisation


Organiational culture demonstarte team dynamics. Are all members see the ssame vision? Do they want to do the job or they are doing it for for the money? 

I appreciated the big picture look at the ways being positive with students becomes actions not just concepts.  


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