Ruth Jackson

Ruth Jackson

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FERPA is similar to HIPPA

It is important to create a feeling of safety. 

Incidents should be investigated to ensure the safety of students. 

The students and staff shoudl be aware of who and how to report an incident. 

It is impotant that faculty know these policies and the school's policies and procedures so they can recognize when another faculty or student is being victimized and know what to do in those situations. 

As a new instructor, I should not let the students know that.

It is important to build rapport with students and have clear expectations. 

Center-stage students can be controlled through "use it widely" cards to decrease the amount of time they use in class. 

It is important to give the students a calendar of due dates in the syllabus and give reminders.  

It is important to have a positive attitude towards the school because the students see this and it effects their mentality. 

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