Yvonne Silva

Yvonne Silva

Location: 7777 davie rd ext bldg b ste 301b hollywood fl. 33024

About me

I have approximately 30 years of experience in the postsecondary environment.   I am a consultant for almost 18 years and have worked with several schools. My strengths are completing initial applications, compliance, accreditation process, change of ownership, Title IV compliance, and auditing files of each department with the campus.  The name of my business is Guiding Star Educational Services, located at www.guidingstareducation.com phone number (954) 667-5525; I travel throughout Florida.  I am also bi-lingual (English and Spanish).


deep sea fishing, scuba, mufos, mysteries, dramas and cruises


Practice brings positive results.

How you first answer the call is critical. First impressions are formed immediately as to how the call is answered.

There is a definite correlation between energy and the right mental attitude.

i learned that if I am in a lousy mood and don't have the energy to do my job correctly, I do affect others.

If I person is not feeling their best, a smile and courtesy will help.

To increase student satisfaction from the moment they enroll at the institution, the frontline personnel must have excellent attitudes. There is nothing more discouraging to be excited about attending a specific school and be treated or ignored by the front desk personnel. That is the very first good attitude killer!

Campus culture begins with top leadership. Employees mimic, like children, the attitude and behaviors of their leaders. 

Making a positive impact on a student begins when they first walk in through the front doors.

We all need to help the student to see their dream even if their lives have obstacles. They need to realize that we all have obstacles but the dream could still be accomplished.

Sometimes we (staff) get caught up with the pressures placed upon us that we tend to forget students are our clients paying for a service. Good customer service starts from the way the phone is answered to how we make them feel when they sign the dotted line. We at first are excited and then amnesia sets in, and we forget customer service skills. That is something the whole campus community should never forget. Treat the students as we would like to be treated.

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