Leigh Anne Bennett

Leigh Anne Bennett

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The value of a rubric for instructing a student is great. Rubrics can help the student self-evaluate, as well as, helop the instructor know what areas the student may be weak in. There are several different ways to engage with the student ans help them learn.


There are different ways to determine a student's understanding of the subject matter. Objective is more black and white with clear right and wrong answers, it would be helpful in summative assesments. Subjective definitely gives a little more maneuverability to understanding the student's perspective, it could be helpful when utilizing formative assessment.


The three forms of evaluation detailed here are imperative to helping students achieve the desired outcome. With Diagnostic assessment the student's current knowledge is evaluated, formative assessment tracks the student as their knowledge increases, and summative concludes the process with the final assessment of the cumulative knowledge acquired.


Any tool used to teach whether online or F2F needs to be researched and evaluted to ensure that it is the most appropriate tool available.


The use of a Rubric for concise communication is helpful in setting the standards for the students. It is the standards that maintain consistency within the online educational setting.


It is vital to communicate on the level of the student. The Instructor should lead by example and set the tone for the communication and the frequency of the communication. With all of the tools available this should be thoroughly evaluated and thought through before implementation.


Effective communication is a two-way street. The instructor should set the tone for the frequency and context of the communiation. 


Using the correct tool can enhance the learning process but used incorrectly even the correct tool can hinder the lesson. It is imperative that thought be given to which tool to use and for waht purpose.


When transferring F2F information to synchronous or asynchronous online instruction, it is necessary to use all types of media. It would be effective to use video clips, Power Point, and demonstrations to keep the students' attention and help them learn.


Communication is the ultimate key for success whether it its synchronous or asynchronous learning. 


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