Jean Keelan

Jean Keelan

Location: tampa, florida

About me

I am a dedicated professional focused on student success with 30 years of experience in the field of Education. My undergraduate degree was in English with a minor in Psychology. I earned a Master of Science degree in Educational Psychology, focusing on counseling adolescents and adults in the areas of mental health, career, and academics. At the higher education level, I held the following positions: Area Coordinator for Residence Life, Personal and Academic Counselor, Director of Career Services, Director of the Academic Center for Excellence, Director of College Counseling, Career Counselor, Director of Career Planning, and currently serving in the role of College Counselor at the Arizona College of Nursing - Tampa. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor with the National Board of Certified Counselors, a Certified Wellness and Health Coach, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor – Intern, and a Certified Online Instructor. I take a holistic approach in assisting students to be successful in their academic and career pursuits.


i am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction literature and belong to two book clubs. i also enjoy spending time with my family which includes two pets: a dog and a cat.


coaching, counseling, teaching, public speaking, soft skills promoter, high use of technology, innovation/creativity


ELL students can be highly intelligent, but may not appear so just because English is not their first language, so don't make assumptions about intelligence level and don't simplify instructions, challenge these students and set high standards.


The learning environment is extremely important in a student's learning process. Students will learn better when a friendly, non-threatening environment is upheld. 

English Language Learners may be able to verbally communicate because it is a social necessity, but may have difficulty reading and writing English. Cultural considerations must also be taken into account when teaching the student.

Employment data of students after they leave a program is important to prospective students. Tracking graduates and their success in the job market will let an institution know if the training they provided their students was effective.

Since career planning begins when a student enters a program, it is a good idea to start the resume development process by students completing a worksheet that allows them to take inventory of their experiences to include employment and non-employment activities. Conducting informational interviews early on will allow them to learn what future employers are looking for in their ideal candidates for positions.

It is important to offer a full array of career services. Career planning begins when student enters the college. Educating the students on career planning and development will allow them to strategically plan their career pathway for a successful entrance into the workforce.

I work at a career college and am learning information that will assist me is setting up a Career Services Department for our campus and will then market these services.

Instruction does not need to be a linear process. Students can be more responsible for their part in the learning process when they are encouraged to be an active participant.

Integrated intelligence includes multiple methods of learning. Multiple methods of learning allow students with different learning styles to acquire new information in a way they can comprehend.

Emotional Intelligence is a much needed skill set for everyone involved in the learning process. Teachers, students, staff, and administration would all benefit from learning about Emotional Intelligence and practicing the components of EI on a daily basis. The learning environment would be much improved if EI was taught and encouraged regularly.

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