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Good evening all. I am Gregory Tetro I would give you my eye color and sign but this is not e-Harmony. I teach the electrical evening program for PCI in Stratford. I have been here for over 5 years and have a pin to prove it. As you can see quickly, I believe humor is a big part of life and my teaching career. I have worked in my trade for 40 years and could try to unlock a person's brain and pour in the knowledge. Teaching is a passion. I think I have learned more about me by teaching than anywhere else. The challenge and responsibilty a teacher has is more than I would of imagined. Knowing this I need to send flowers and candy to several of my former teachers. It is a pleasure to be part of this group and feel part of the teaching fraternity.


big fan of sports.




We are doing trades so an internship is really lab help.They must be licensed in the trade and the lesson planning is what needs to be learned.

The main issue with time mangement is life. The key to it all is Plan B. If there is a problem at work go to work and fix it. Don't keep worrying about it while you are trying to complete something the is also important. I run on checklists and notes.


Rubrics are judgments by a teacher. What one teacher finds the most important may be a minor component to another. Is it better to do it right or do it neeat? Will a teacher give or take points on how a student came up with the right answer?  Rubrics are not something you can just throw together.

A ruberic is a new name for a long standing practice. Tests, quizzes, homework, labs and practical finals always had different weights. When you add up all labs and give an average you have gained nothing. You have to isolate and review each grade to learn the weakest parts of a students. Now a computer does what people did. All with less contact with the students.


Color is a big part of wiring electrical circuits and doing telephone and resistors. Some items have no work arounds. What is not an issue for some disabilities is an issue for another. 

The teacher more than likely will have more of a learning curve than the student. A student has been using assistive technology. In some cases using it for 13 years. The teacher may have never been aware of this technology. A teacher who can hear a lecture, read notes and review all types of learning formats has to understand how much harder a disable person needs to work to take on a course. That leads to how to best pace a course. This is why students with disabilities have extra teachers specializing in teaching in several areas. 

Everyone deserves an education. The key is what is the disbility and are you prepared for what you may encounter. It takes a special teacher to help an adult. 

Teaching students with disabilities is a specialized position. No average teacher should try to teach all disabities without special training. Even identifying the disability is not for an average teacher. The teacher can do more harm than good.

So many course seem to say the same thing. When doing several over a short period of time it becomes pbvious. I am getting that "Groundhog Day" feeling. Friendly, Clean, Support, Equipment Expectations etc. Four answers with three close and one should ring out above all others. The answer should be more directed to fine the answer right in the book. In the trades there is shades of grey. 

Education and intelligence are not synnonymous. We have watched smart people doing dumb things. You need to have many skils with some being god given. Singers, dancers, firemen need diferetn types of skills. Many are from trining. Some are from natural talent or inner strengths like bravery. The smart man walks away from a fire. The brave one jumps in. The smart and brave trained ones save lives. It takes more than books, test and quizzes. But it does take education to refine talents and skills. 

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