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Creating a Positive Learning Environment | Origin: EC101

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Your First Year as a CTE Teacher (Part 1) --> Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too. 

I really love the emphasis on safety as we cannot take this too seriously the websites shared and videos were very helpful and useful.

I like the fact places were offered to get safety videos.  I plan to implement the videos in class next year.

Safety is one of the number 1 rules in the classroom. 

I really liked the video with Mr Reynolds he is a go happy teacher from day 1. I know the students like that. I try to be and give out stickers for great things done in the classroom. Safety is very important in the classroom especially when it comes to equiptment and tools. Must have procedures and rules in place to follow. 


I wish I had a teacher like Mr. Reynolds!  What a great example.  Many of the points on safety seem common sense to us as adults (I hope), but need to be constantly reinforced to students.   

Documentation of safety instruction is important to reduce teacher exposure from liability. 

Classroom safety should always be a priority for teachers, maintaining good safety practices is crucial in CTE classrooms.

Safety, including psychological and physical is essential for a positive classroom environment.

Safety is always important! As teachers, we need to do everything we possibly can to protect our students. 

Safety is important and I like the videos to help see this. 

Safety is the most important thing in a classroom. The student needs to feel safe in order to have the best educational experience. 


Making sure rules and procedures are clearly displayed in the classroom and going over them the first day of class is a must.  Creating a contract with students about their behavior expectations would be another way to address rules and procedures.  


Really enjoyed the video. Be positive, let your students know that you are here for them and you love teaching. At this point, students know the school rules... begin building relationships!

Also, ensure that you are proactiviely supervising your students at all times... and that students know all of the safety measures and procedures.    

No matter what, the safety of our students, and creating an maintaining a safe environment is one of the most important jobs we have. Without safety, there is no learning. 


I appreciated the suggestion to use on-line resources.  There is a continuing education website that students in our profession can use to receive training in various safety issues at no cost.  

Teachers are 100% accountable for the safety of their students. I think training and setting the standard for safety is huge.

I've learned that I have a greater need to develop an orentation module that begins day 1, by which we identify safety procedures, hazards, policies & procedures, etc. 


Explaining and enforcing is essential.


I like how to gave good reasons to have administration look into purchasing a safety program. That program will create logs to help protect the school and teacher if an accident was to occur. 


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