Cassandra Nordin

Cassandra Nordin

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I will be using the suggestion of bringing in guest Chefs to help teach and also encouraging students to join groups to gain experience. 

I would really like to implement a student safety monitor to help ensure all safety and cleaning standards are bring met while students are cooking. I feel allowing students to rotate this job will allow them to see safety from a managerial standpoint and them implement it more during cooking. 

By collaborating with other teachers you can reinforce the level of education that is needed to be a well rounded chef. Also allowing students to rotate jobs within the kitchen will allow everyone to experience the different jobs needed in the kitchen. 


I really appreciated the explanations of learning styles within the generations. I also would like to ensure that my students take being in uniform seriously and know that cleanliness is not an option. 


Adding technology into the classroom is a must in our current world situation. Without adding technology into the classroom, students would be behind on what the industry is doing in the real world. 


Having a map and scope of what your course will look like is not only helpful in lesson planning but ensures you will meet all the standards for the semester. I appricaited the example websites. They gave great examples of lesson plan templates. 


Creating assessments that are not grade based allow students the opportunity to fail without consequence. This is a key factor in my classroom and I like that there is an actual area of assessment for this type of learning. If you have not failed at something, you haven't really learned. 


Being the only person in my district that teaches what I do, I really took to heart the vertical and horizontal alignment of the material. I need to reach out to other districts to see what they are doing and how my students will measure up to fellow peers. 


I like how to gave good reasons to have administration look into purchasing a safety program. That program will create logs to help protect the school and teacher if an accident was to occur. 


Having the resources to help with Challenging students will be very helpful. Currently I have several and it can be a daily struggle for some. 


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