Tammy Ruiz

Tammy Ruiz

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I really liked the video with Mr Reynolds he is a go happy teacher from day 1. I know the students like that. I try to be and give out stickers for great things done in the classroom. Safety is very important in the classroom especially when it comes to equiptment and tools. Must have procedures and rules in place to follow. 


Students need to learn self-esteem and self respect to become a better person and maintain their goals in life. Trauma informed schools was interesting because it is true we don't know what the kids go through at home to explain sme behavior at school. We need to remember that in our teaching. 


I have a mentor and she has taught me so much my first year. We also have a CTE program and advisroy committe that does help the kids get jobs after graduation. This will be my first year as lead forthe CTE program so excited to learn and exlore. 


Seperating personal from professional is very important when your a teacher. Too much conversation and fun with students can give them the wrong idea depending on the conversations.  Teaching them not being a friend like a peer.


CTE is a very broad curriculium with alot of pieces attached. The history was very interesting to me. I do have a better understanding of the CTE program.  


This module was very informative. I learned about motivating the students in ways I didn't know before I took this cource. Having a varity of directions for all to see is a smart idea. The friendly reminders is great students have busy lives. Content chunking is great for the student that may not have an hour or two to spend on line maybe only 15 minutes to post something from a short video. All these will help me better motivate my students on line.  


Course evaluations are very important to the improvement and longevity of the course. The evaluation must have mulipule evaluations to include stakeholders, students, as well as the institution.  


Rubics are very important becasue it details what the student put into their assignment and the grade expected. Feedback is also essential it may be an exit ticket or a self & peer assessment. This is the result if a student has retaind and learned the information or not.   


The syllabus is a very important part of the learning process. Gives the student instructions in detail how, where, and when to follow in the course. Scaffolding has 8 tasks to be successful.


Creating a module is very important in the onlearning process. Being organized having a discussion board, and assignment area as well as an assessment section. Keeping the students interested and not having videos over 5-10 minutes. Excited to lstart teachng in this maner. 


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