Shelly Bartolotta

Shelly Bartolotta

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It is important to have a plan, you may get behind or ahead on certain days, but with a plan you know everything will be covered.

I plan to use the summative and formative assessments in class next year.  Also I would like to incorporate the chart showning the differences between certficates, liscensing and etc. 

I agree that a plan is important.  You do not need every minute planned out, but you need a plan on what your going to cover.

I like the fact places were offered to get safety videos.  I plan to implement the videos in class next year.

I will be reviewing the PBIS website for reference.  I also like the fact technology was stressed, I have already noticed if I ask the students a technical question they usually know the answer.

The basic questions to be asked about the school were a good idea.  Also I like the advisory committee meetings, it would be great to get the local businesses involved in the school.  That would create so many opportunities.

This module just reinforced the fact that you need to becareful about social media being out there and everyone having access to it.


I like how CTE has evolved.  As a first year teacher, I didn't realize the history behind CTE and all the opportunities.


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