Kimberly Wright

Kimberly Wright

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I believe also with keeping the student engaged, giving the student respect, they will stay engaged and be engaged more often.

Everyone is affraid of change, a traditional classroom is the past.  We need to jump all in to the new future of a flip classroom.

Making sure that I know the newest and lastest technology and that I am able to help my student through any issues they might have will be helpful.

Student will have barriers or come up with some type of barrier as an excuse.  But, holding the student responsible for their actions with a flip classroom is the key.  A flip classroom leaves more time for hands on in the classroom.

I believe that having a flip classroom is the way of the future.  Especially in the time we are in right now with the pandemic crisis.  I have used flip classroom before and I have had great success with it.  Making sure you have enough material in the online resource is a key.

I know that having a clinical setting for the student to practice real time events in the classroom work every well.  Making sure that the student know how to handle work place scenarios makes it better when they are out in the work place.

I find that having a lesson plan laid out in advance is important because the students and parent have an advance notice of what is being taught in the classroom. 

Engagement is important, understanding the stackability of the program is important for learning.

The most important part of a lesson is the plan, bringing that plan to life helps the students learn.  Having the employable skills is important.

Safety is one of the number 1 rules in the classroom. 

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