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Seth Morrison

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Hello everyone. I am a proud Marshall University graduate (Go Herd!), former high school social studies teacher, Journeyman HVACR professional and passionate CTE instructor. I love being outdoors, playing the guitar, learning new things and spending time with my family. I admire and attempt to emulate (albiet I fall short) Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Confucius, Socrates and other great thinkers from our shared experiences. I've been described as a "wanna be Stoic" and particularly find the writings and biographies of Benjamin Franklin interesting. If ever I can be of assistance, thanks for the opportunity. 


reading, learning, growing.


too many to list and far too many yet to achieve.


ED 101 has forced me to reflect on the importance of developing and maintaining a professional development plan. Professional development plans are important because instructors need to be proficient in a wide variety of areas such as learning theory, curriculum development and human resource management. Without such a plan it is very difficult for professors to learn new information and techniques to continually improve and best serve their students. 


I'm thrilled there's a new push to grow and improve apprenticiship programs in the United States. Traditionally, apprenticiship programs and insternship have been dying; however, there's absolutely no logical reason to delay the networking and relevant work opportunities afforded to our students. 

I believe differentiation of instruction is critical to maximize the comprehension/learning of students. One emphasis of this past lesson stresses the importance accomadating the different modalities of individual students; however, I find students need to identify weaknesses and work on improving them as well. 

I truly enjoy and believe students benefit from their use of Portfolium:

I've learned the value of a flipped classroom and the importance of creating a course map and pacing guide. To avoid confusion agmonst students, share this pacing guide and learning objectives week 1!

I've learned that CTE educators need to continously develop formative assessments to monitor student progress and to aid student's and provide enrichment or remideation when needed. Also, I learned that industry credentials should serve as a course map of stackable credentials that lead to a degree and employability. 

I've learned that the Bloom's taxonomy of my college years has evovlved and changed and I need to also consider psychomotor objectives much more intently. Also, a CTE teacher has an obligation to teach students soft skills and align objectives across industry and state. As a result, I need to devote more classtime to developing such skills. Side note: these rubrics and assessments are awesome. 

I've learned that I have a greater need to develop an orentation module that begins day 1, by which we identify safety procedures, hazards, policies & procedures, etc. 


In my classes, we spend 4 semesters developing soft skills and documenting industry related compentencies digitally while also prepare resumes, referrences, etc. and preparing to enter the workforce. 

Within the HVACR industry, customer service is queen! As a result, this module gave me a lot to think about concerning what my soft skill curribulum should look like. Also, I have several resources for dealing with various situations associated with students. 


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