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I implement safety on day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. It is important to let students know especially middle schoolers that horseplay is not tolerated. Most classes are extremely good, which is nice. While taking this segment of the course I really thought about how to make the students understand that they were not being safe and now with new semester I plan on implementing that strategy! 

I've learned about the importance of creating a positive learning environment.  Most importantly, I was reminded about the fact that we must due our due diligence and be consistent about holding students accountable for breaking the rules and following safety procedures in the classroom.

Safety,safety,safety,protecting not only our liability as teachers but for the students as well.

Good classroom management and clear expectations from teachers sets the groundwork for safe learning environments. 

I agree that safety is always the number on concern. It is good to remember that safety things may seem obvious and second nature to use as adults yet our students need reminded of what and WHY. My students do much better with remembering the what when they understand the reason behind it.

The importance of safety and the why of safety being taught to students is critical.

Learning different 1st day activities will be most helpful.  

Communication and organization are key. Lack of either will cause low morale and chaos.

I am going to have a safety quiz based off safety procedure and rules.

Classroom safety is an absolute must and should be a priority.

Setting up safety, rules and boundries and expectations up front is the best way to provide an opportunity for a positive learning environment. I love our third party safety program and appreciate it even more after seeing this content.

I really liked the first day of school ideas.  I have now taught a few classes and what he had to say was very interesting.  

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