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Safety is critical. Don't ever leave the lab unattended.

Two great topics, a great welcome and a strong emphasis on safety at all times.

Safety has to be a priority in the classroom.

Learning how to integrate safety understanding how to communicate with kids to help be safer in the shop. Developing the relationships with the students with procedures as opposed to rules and a very structured environment

It is important to understand that credentialing students into an approved safety curriculum provides both  critical safety training to students in a technical setting, as well as documentation to prove that a student has received and passed assessment related to shop/tool safety. The second part of this is important to protect teachers from being held liable assuming all reasonable effort was made to ensure a safe working environment.

Lawsuits can be avoided by not being negligent.

In my classroom I like to create group constitution for each class.  Its a great way for us all to decide how we learn best and how we can implement it in the classroom. 

The first day is so important for impressing how the year is going to go, I also love the safety tips on how not to get involved with lawsuits.

Comment on Danielle Thompson's post:

I completely agree with how you feel about first impressions!

Safety is so important in a CTE classroom.  Sometimes it is organized chaos, so "assuming" a kid knows how to do something is not appropriate.

Creating a positive experience and a safe enviroment.

Its important to help follow a plan a develop student goals

I found the safety information to be a good reminder of our quickly an accident can happen and that we are/can be held liable. I also enjoyed the tips for making students feel welcome. It is easy to forget how terrifying school can be. 

Safety first is my #1 and will be stressed in my classroom!  But can we talk about Mr. Reynolds?!  I watched his entire video and was as excited as he was the entire time!  I wish I had a teacher like him, better yet, I hope to one day BE a teacher like him!  What a cool dude!

Safety is first, teachers have to make sure the students are always safe. They need to reinforce it as well, videos and or posters seem to help remind the student of the dangers of not being safe. 

Safety and security of students and the class are paramount. The regular practice of safety allows for a ideal learning environment.

Don't be scared, be responsible. Yes, accidents happen, we need to be prepared to properly act without fear of negligence. Teach and prepare students to be accountable and responsible for themselves and each other.

Having clear expectations around safety, respect and individual duties will remove a lot of uncertainty from the classroom.

I learned that an accident can evolve to a law suit for negligence if a students parents decide to sue. That it is our total and complete responsibility to keep the students safe. No excuses as to why the accident happened. Even if the students have been OSHA certified, the instructor is completely responsible. Maybe sticking to the rules and not worry so much about acceptance and more about safety. Make safety #1 in our shops.

I like to make a good first impression.

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