As a career and technical education professional, you understand the importance of preparing youth and adults for high-skill, in-demand careers. You're responsible for ensuring that your curriculum and teaching meet the needs of your students. This group is for CTE teachers who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary teaching performance to enhance student learning outcomes. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help us better serve students.

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Critical Thinking/Problem Solving | Origin: EC115 | New comment by Jose Delgado

I feel it will be benifical as to the studssent to buid strategies that will help them in life,also benefit them in problem solving either solo or in a team.  

Implications for Instruction | Origin: EC110 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

This year, I had students choose many of their own cooking projects and gave them choice in how they showcased their work.  Videos were a popular choice.

Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome | Origin: EC110 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

I had never heard of Four Corners, I like that idea.  SWOT is familiar and a useful activity in a variety of scenarios.  Entry and Exit Cards are familiar and seemed to be the same as Bell...

Planning Lessons with Engagement | Origin: EC110 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

Giving students choice is one way I plan for engagement.  Building a culture of learning which emphasizes putting in the work and engaging in the struggle, where failure is an opportunity not an...

The Psychology of Student Engagement | Origin: EC110 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

Making activities relevant is so important.  When students know how a skill will be useful and connected to their life, they are so much more eager to engage.  

Trauma-Sensitive Learning Environments | Origin: EC105 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

Can't help but think that the world in general could use this knoweldge, a reminder that people around us can be going through and reacting to trauma that we are unaware of.  We could all use...

Impact of Trauma on Learning | Origin: EC105 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

Our brains are developing until we are 25 years old, so students we often think of as young adults do not always have the physiological tools to reason and react in they ways we might hope. ...

Trauma in the Classroom | Origin: EC105 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

75% of teachers experience some level of vicarious trauma due to their work in schools with students. Wow.

Trauma Educational Awareness | Origin: EC105 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

I knew that students in our schools experience varying ranges of challenges.  I admit I was suprised to read that we should assume that there is a student in every class who has experienced PTSD...

CTE Teaching Trends | Origin: EC102 | New comment by Emmanuel Stone

I utilize technology in the classroom daily, there are many benefits.  I also operate a catering company and a coffee shop with our students, the relevance and importance are immediately obvious...