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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Patience is key for success

Students are like clay we can mold them by teaching them with love and compassion. New technology and technique's are helping teachers of this era. We should use them for building good and efficient students 


Professionalism, teacher roles and image matter and need to be considered with care.


I am learning so much.  High quality CTE is more than teaching a skill, it's about building relationships, and helping students on their path to becoming.  It is purposeful and defined by knowledge, skill and industry.


When a person demonstrates "Grit, which is defined as passion and perseverance" according to Dr Angela Duckworth, they will achieve anything, including academic goals. The course taught me how to cultivate positivity and motivate students to achieve personally and academically. 

Educators can foster positive emotions in students and coworkers, using the PERMA model focusing on the science of well being, and the impact it has on academic achievement. 

The best teacher is from pass experience and I am here to learn.

The plan is to look inward and at thy self. Learn to communicate effectively  and engage other to promote more self awareness. 

The best teacher is from pass experience and I am here to learn.

It's important to self reflect. It helps us become a better person and most importantly and better teacher.  

This is the class blog please use as toll to participation

Be there! show what you know

Overcome common challenges with the correct action plan and team work

Be there! show what you know

When the situation come wisdom, plans are part of the success and overcome the challenges. Take the lid and shine 

learning going forward

Taking a moment to reflect. 

Ask for help

Get to know your students on a presonal level. Get involved by showing support at a theatre production, sport, or activity that they particiapte in. Show up, cheer, and make it a point to congratulate on job well done when you see them again.



career readiness

i would like to help my students understan the link between high school classes and in particular my cte classes and how it is preparing them for life and the carreer after high school.  i will imppelmmnet this in my class by giving students specific jobs and resposibilties and also the chance to lead a group project that the class is doing.

CTE progress

When the kids are learning, working and thinking critically we usually dont have any problem, and everybody enjoys themselves.


Mostly what i was able to learn from the course was the need for an eductor to listen intently yo the students that they are inacting with.

best practices

be a role model and the students will wish to emulate you

best practices

Challanging the studnts on a daily basis proves to be more benficial than not and simply allowing the students to attend the classes without is openly harming their knowledge gaining abilities.

IT Assignments in the Classroom

Students may not have access to IT at home so allowing them time during class to work on projects that require the use of IT is very helpful and encouraging to the graduate students.

The assignment was to prepare a flyer, a cover letter, and a sign-up sheeet to promote their Chair Massage Practice. It gave them a sense of accomplishment and a deadline to get it done within a short amount of time by using examoles forund on the internet. 

Students were able to see and experience first hand the information to do the assignment together. Collaborative skills combined… >>>

Positive Education Matters

 Providing positive education matters and thus, creats a win-win situation for the students and the teachers. The goal is to creat a love of learning by engaging with the students and helping them understand the relevance of the learning. 

Great intro

This was a wonderful way to enter the introduction to CTE world. Learned a little history, fundamental program development information and just general good foundation.