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Supporting Student Professional Growth | Origin: ED205

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Enhancing Students' Professional Skills --> Supporting Student Professional Growth

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Encouraging analytic thought and research into broad subjects that built upon what they originally were interested in is a way to encourage lifelong learning and a commitment to knowledge. Taking pride in continuing learning and seeing how it affects the success of their futures is another motivator.

Knowledge is power (Francis Bacon)

With this thougt in mind, learning is a never ending process.

We must understand that continous education is something we have to practice and encourage our students to do soo.

The mind is a terrible thing to lose/waste. In this age of globalalization competition for positions are greatly impacted by your ability to compete, so by continually learning and advancing your own skills it will greatly impact your ability to compete. We should be critical thinkers of ourselvs as we manage our lives to be better today than we were yesterday, so by continued lifelong learning it will only enchance our ability to function in the 21st century. we also have to be honest with ourselves to our weaknesses and work on it ,as anyone who gives us constructive criticism, and it is accepted as a learning tool by us will appreciate the benifit of personal growth .

On line learning is the way learning in going.  Learning never stops. The student will continue to learn and should continue to enhance himself in his work environment.  There is a wealth of information to be learned online. If the studcent wants to advance he must continue to learn.


Encouraging students to make the most of all opportunities that come their way is crucial in helping them grow.  They get down when they don't get a clincial site they wanted or have to do clincial virtually and may miss great learning opportunities.  Teaching them how the situation they find themselves in and how they pertain to real life opens their eyes to anothe realm of learning. The more they can "see" the more they will learn.


The flipped classroom or online learning is growing and gaining momemtum. I think it was fast-forwarded a little due to Covid 19. I know for me as an instructor at a private university, I had to learn quickly how to utilize Zoom and other platforms where students locate all their materials and submit assignments instead of lecturing on campus. This presents a challenge to reach all learning styles. You have to find ways to be creative and engage the students. That being said, the internet an on demand courses are so easily accessible for life long learning. 

It is important to encourage enhance the idea that we will all be life long learners.


We have to be careful during this age of COVID where all of our instruction is happening on Zoom. Students aren't getting the social interaction they usually would on campus so it's important for me as an instructor to keep them engaged and keep them thinking critically. 


We can develop liifelong learning skills to promote professional growth in students by encouraging reflection activities, encouraging self-management skills, etc.



Making sure the students understand that learning is forever. I often us myself as an example and bring up points of my continuing education or if there is something I stumbled across that I didnt' learn before I will announce " I learned something new today" so you put yourself in their shoes. They will see even their role model or teacher is constantly learning. 


Im reminded that being a lifelong learner is linked to mmy professional skills. anfd the different methods of becomming a lifelong learner are many.


Lifelong learning is one key component of success. In most industries, one must grow with the industry by keeping up with new trends and technologies. These activities will keep us on the cutting edge. 

Supporting students before they leave can help gain and build a relationship

Creating a team can help divide the work and not only that helps build relationships among the team that can then produce efficent work

I encourage lifelong learning by finding out what interests them about my subject and then applying it not just to them but the entire class.  The students feel ownership of thhese parts of the class and take thhat moving forward.  As they feel ownership they start to see it in the other students which creates positivity and teamwork with each other.  It opens up lines of communication for students that would not have been there before, especially for students that are quieter or less sure of themselves.


lifelong learning will enhance working in groups or teams.


encorage continuing education


the importance of knowledge and learning, staying current with the changes


Lifelong learning looks different for each student, depending on their current and future goals.  Instructors can help foster productive skills in growing into goals by teaching organization, self-motivation, time management, and research skills.


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