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Teaching Personal Interaction | Origin: ED205

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Enhancing Students' Professional Skills --> Teaching Personal Interaction

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have used a group rubric where group members grade each other and submit to myself the instructor. I then use those rubrics to provide a percentage of their individual grade on the primary project rubric. This has worked very well thus far.

I have encouraged student interaction through group interaction and meeting one on one with each student at least once a term to enhance soft skills and communication. This also gives them confidence in dealing with each other and various ethnicities.

Students active participation is a very important part of their learning processs.

Teamwork is a perfect training for what will be a common way of working once you're in la corporation, working in teams is a very important way of facing tasks.

In oreder to make sure everybody will do their part of work, the teacher should tell them that they will be evaluated individually for their work.

Each of s have a particular skill and learning set, so the questions is how to get the best out of that skill set. By knowing , understand and utilizing that skill set is beneficial to any team project, but there must be a format/plan in place to execute the project and by collaborating and using our natural sill set ,appreciation of the others skills set in place can lead to a successful project conclusion.

I am adding more group exercises and team skills in my classroom.  
Communication, and working together are very important for the students to know.


Group activities in a virtual clincial world can be challengeing.  Face time has proved beneficial in allowing student to work together and maintain social distancing.  Group activites in person are not always welcome with open arms but prove to be beneficial at the end of the program.  Students must be presented the idea in a positive manner to help promote that soft skill and allow them to practice controlling their emotions.


Teams are good for students, especially in career oriented professions.


Students should have plenty of oppurtunities to work in groups, as many careers have transitioned to teamwork. 

My students work in groups for most assignments. It strengthens individual collaboration skills, verbal expression and conflict management.

Open ended questions are a great way to get the students engaged in a discussion. 


Students must be encouraged to build their teamwork skills. Small group discussions or assignments would be a great way to develop teamwork skills.



I belive it's an important part of the learning process when the students participate. Team building skills will be something they can carry with them throughout life, as long as they are held resposible for doing their part. 


I learned that effective communication and teambuilding are important concepts that must be made part of the course curriculum.  These skills will be invaluable to the student whenn he or she enters the workplace as well as throughout their lives.


Have the students write a blog and then have them rewrite the blog after the lecture and hands on presentation to see how their attitude can change with learning. have them share theirt blog outloud in class to stimulate conversation or idealogical enlightenment.


Effective communication is multi-faceted.  One must be aware of their verbal and non-verbal cues during a discussion or presentation. These are skills that should be practiced often and will improve over time. 

Building a strong sense of teamwork among a clas is vital.  Especially if you are teaching a class that students are together for multiple years hours class hours.  Teaching students to be aware of all aspects of communication and verbal/nonverbal cues is also a key aspect that employers are searching for from todays students.


Collaboration amongst students, especially in classroom and simulation setting, is a great way to improve teamwork. The better they get to know each other, the better they will be able to communicate, sometimes even nonverbally. 

working in teams builds confidence and professionalism


the importance to identify each students learning style


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