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Common sense and understanding others.


I learned things I already knew about myself. I do have unconscious bias and have tracked where it originated.  Where? family, environment, societal norms.  I identified a bias a couple of years ago while driving on a street. I saw a woman look like of Mexican descnce with a stroller (two kids in it), two kids walking and one in the belly.  My first thought at a glance was anchor babies, and using the system with the children.  Before I could complete that thought another thought popped up.  Why did I go there? Why did I go negative? 

I then… >>>

It is clear that ESL learners have special considerations and I will always remember this and continue to facilitate all learners who have communication challenges with English.


This was a good module as the prior.  I already incorporate these strategies.  It is quite enjoyable to see the light bulb goes off.  It takes patience on the instructor to be familiar with the challenges and incorporate strategic strategies that would lead to success.  I often use myself as an example with English proficiency.  I am not the best speaker, therefore you can accomplish this.  I purposely mis speak where appropriate to demonstrate to them I still make mistakes.  This seems to relax the mood.  Lastly, I agree for all students it is important to create a safe environment… >>>

These are excellent strategies depending upon the course of study.  For example, nursing students have a rigorous undergraduate process to prepare them to meet the demands of the nursing curriculum.  This has been accomplishing through English courses that have writing assignments, public speaking which allows the student to practice their speaking, etc.  

Nursing is a rigorous program and students are gradually moved toward the ability to analyze data and produce an outcome.  There is an additional skill that goes beyond critical thinking which is clinical reasoning skills in acute and long-term settings.  With respect to skills acquisition, our skills laboratory… >>>

I have worked with a diversity of ESL learners over the years.  I offer additional interaction to help facilitate their learning and help them feel comfortable.  I have found some would indicate they are having problems with English when they are actually good.  My favorite phrase is "you speak better than me" therefore we will not use that as an excuse.  There are some who can not assimilate to be successful in the classroom.  At any rate, I work with all, offer encouragement and most have been successful with this approach.  

We have to be mindful is communication a cultural… >>>

The question becomes is this considered a disability? Are we saying one size fits all.  I"m asking because I have taught strong ESL learners and some not so strong as our English speaking students.  Do we progress students who can't meet the English proficiency requirements for their profession?

I learned that ESL learners have special considerations due to their lack of English proficiency.  The question becomes if the pre-requisite of a program required English proficiency (nursing programs) mandated by the state, why does English speaking learners with communication deficits with the standard English given the same considerations.  I'm thinking first generation students, those who speak with a southern drawl and who may use difference phrases and terms.  

The ESL learner may be deficit in English, medical terminology and nuances of their profession which makes it hard to acquire the knowledge in a timely fashion.  How do we manage… >>>

This was a very insightful module for me.  I have not taken the type to read about Gen X and Y and this gave me an opportunity to understand that population.  I now know why the students like how I approach teaching and learning.  I include them as collaborative partners and emphasize I am their coach/facilitator of knowledge. I will teach them how to acquire knowledge.  I realize the value of incorporating technology with the generations.  As the video indicated incorporate technology small, simple while thinking Big. 


I learned that I need to get over it (smile).  Tech is here and I need to learn how to use all aspects in order to effectively select and implement those that are relevant in a nursing course.

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