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Two Main Issues: Security & Autonomy | Origin: ED112

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Influencing Student Motivation --> Two Main Issues: Security & Autonomy

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Always use supportive and positive responses when reacting to a student's response


security and autonomy relate strongly to motivation. Supportiveness enhances both. 

Adult students are more motivated than younger ones due to life experience.


Adult learners are doers and thinkers, It's important to remember our adult learner need different things. This module helped us learn more about the concepts of security and autonomy for our leaners. 


Rendered support measures  and give postitive feedback.

Students can feel more secure when they ahave increased competence through persistence and effort. Increased security can be promoted by the instructor by being non-threatening, reassurring, an dbeing clear and concise with ideas and instructions. Autonomy for the student can be exercised by allowing the student choices with assignments, sequencing of some assignments, and choosing methods of instructions.


A lot of the things mentioned I already apply in my class. I did learn how to give the students more time to come up with an answer and not rush to give them the answer or call on someone else, instead guide them to the answer. This will should them confidence and help motivate them.


Always identify your students' needs and facilitate opportunities based on your targeted audience.


Identify your students' needs and facilitate opportunities based on your targeted audience.

Better focus of what the students expect, and need


Being patient and allowing the students to answer and allowing other opinions is a challenge for every adult, because we have so much to offer on any and every topic.

Great cousre. Informative.


Always provide encouraging feedback and be supportive of the student


Making sure my students feel secure is going to be my main goal in the new year! 

Adult learners are different than young adult learners. We have to allow them to feel secure and autonomous in their learning enironment. They need to feel like they have choices and some amount of control in their learning. Adult learners are doers rather than sitters and listeners. 


It's very important to allow an adult student to exspess their fears and concerns in a program.

Adult learners are here because they see something in your particular program that they want to accomplish and all they need is a secure  enviroment and they are here to learn with  a little guidance, point them in the right direction and they will run with it , younger students sometimes can't see the forest for the trees and have to be guided to it wheras the older student has enough life experience to see it an instructor has to be able to recognize this and deal with it accordingly and get the students to help each other out we are here to learn from each other comprehension and eventual graduation

Really got a lot fromthis module. 

Security making the class room a safe environment for learning, discussing and sharing 

Autonomity enhancing this in the classroom.

I am looking to incorporate a Trillo board for the concept map! For a quiz I am considering offering 30 questions and they must answer 25 for credit. 




Be supportive and do explanation on a clear way


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