Doreen Tan

Doreen Tan

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Learning and knowing your students, help the instructor construct the presentation in such a way, whereupon the students can learn and assimilate better

I have learned to be more of a good listener, and not to response right away :)

I veiw my students as nurses without a license, yet. With respect, compassion and honesty.

Being transparent and letting  students know that they can come to me anytime is a path I have taken with my students and it works for us. I get to learn situations they are in, and I try to accommodate to make learning an easier tool for them.

Rendered support measures  and give postitive feedback.

I am a caring, compassionate instructor. I like to greet my students before and after class. Building a good rapport with student can provide them with confidence and they are more likely to apporach you when they need help and they know you are willing to assist them to succeed.

I feel by interaction with students during discussion, the instructor is able to learn about the student, perspective in the learning process. The instructor can then place them in groups with assignment to better boost their motivation and learning values


Having an outline, not only helps the faculty keep track that all objectives are covered for the day, but also let the students know the expectation for the day.

Be creative, inspire students and be transparent. Set a good example-a role model

Be transparent

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