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Active learning is a better approach to teaching.  Students retain more when actively using and manipulating information.  In nursing case studies and simulations are used help students learn how to make decisions about important client manifestations, how to prioritize and delegate care.  


I intend to develop and apply more learning activities into the class.


I am really enjoying and benefitting from taking this class ED111R.  I have clearly not done an effective job implementing active learning (when all along I was thinking I was 'on track' and fully implementing this!).  The course has taught me to be much more intentional.  I really appreciate the format in how you have laid out this online learning.  One of  the better courses I have taken as part of MaxKnowledge.

I' hoping to create better active learning strategies than I have.


It was a good reminder on the importance of techniques to keep students interested on the topic.  Interested students are more likely to learn and retain information.


I'm hoping to add more active learning startaegies to my courses.  Students get more excited about thir learning when they are actively involved in activities and working with their classmates.


To implement active learning strategies in physics, I think, small group discussions, games, case studies, simulations, videos, lab equipments, among a few more might come very handy. Can't wait to see some examples of a class setting in the following modules.

True interaction requires that students contribute to the story of the lesson in order for it to move forward. If students input does not move the lessonforward, then it is not interactive. 

You have to be creative for every topic to be able to implement an active learning environment. 


It is important to make sure the students clearly understand how they will be evaluated before the activity begins


Active learning is student-centered and requires clear statements of expectations.  It engages a students critical thinking and analysis skills and is a markedly more effective strategy for learning.