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Retired Army, have always wanted to teach and am now working at the Joint Special Operations University as a course director.  I want to become a Master Instructor.  My wife teaches high school age students with autism and I have learned a considerable amount about education as well as the autism spectrum through her.  I have three children, one has already graduated college, the other is a senior and my daughter is in her 4th year.


running, reading, hiking, biking, studying the bible


physical fitness


I would like to build on what I've learned here. I will be teaching intellectually gifted students who come to us with a high level of motivation to learn.  My desire is to inspire them and not let them down.  This may have been the best Max Knowledge course I have taken, genuinely enjoyed it and learned a great deal!


I am really enjoying and benefitting from taking this class ED111R.  I have clearly not done an effective job implementing active learning (when all along I was thinking I was 'on track' and fully implementing this!).  The course has taught me to be much more intentional.  I really appreciate the format in how you have laid out this online learning.  One of  the better courses I have taken as part of MaxKnowledge.

Since the students we have for this course have 'grown up' with games, I think this is a great transition for them into the classroom, however, given the nature of the subject material I am struggling to see more than one or two activities where we can apply this methodology.  This has certainly helpled me to think about how gaming can be used.  I will add that it is perplexing to me why we have a new 'lexicon' with this, such as the word 'guild' when 'team' or 'teamwork' works well.  Since I am a huge  fan of the teamwork… >>>

First, let me say that ML 120 is perhaps the best of the dozen or so Max Knowledge courses I have taken.  I have valued effective feedback and have come to a point in my life where I welcome it realizing the value in both good and bad feedback.  As a 60 year old male, it stuns and saddens me to reflect on the lack of feedback I have received in my work experience.  The great news is my current boss is one of the best I have had in providing feedback and routine counseling.  However, he is one of… >>>

To be frank, I should have waited until I'd completed this course (ML120).  I've realized I was pre-mature in my question and the material does a solid job of helping me.  But I still value hearing from others on this topic!

Based on what I’m learning, when I give constructive feedback to others, I am – or should be: Reinforcing or encouraging a more effective way, redirecting a behavior or pointing out a more productive way, ensuring appropriate standards are set , and / or helping the recipient prepare for better performance. (These are from my notes.) With that in mind, how can I be sure that I’m not just giving someone my advice or personal opinion especially when ‘providing feedback’ to co-workers. I know ‘timing is everything’ but I’m interested to hear personal experience or tips on this. I’ve come… >>>

I am amazed that we continue to get reinforcement on 'learning styles' as if it is more than just theory.  I'm curious if other readers are seeing the same or am I just 'way behind?"

What this lead me to was to consider other aspects of aging on the brain.  Yes, I know that 'exercising' the brain and learning new skills (new language / musical instrument) are very good ways to stimulate neural pathways, but what else can we do adult learners who are nearing 50 and older to help them?

I struggle with trying to include 'too much' in many of my presentations and need to whittle down to the essence.  I assume it is in an effort to impress the audience or to demonstrate that I have a thorough understanding of the topic.  I know this is a crutch, but still I struggle with this.  Perhaps this is in part due to my learning style with is a bit unorthodox, but it seems I violate many of the principles taught in ML 117 - and I know these are valid.  I see other instructors do quite well and in… >>>

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I found this to be a very good course for online purposes.  Well arranged.  Thank you, I found it helpful and easy to use as well as informative.


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