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Creating an Evaluation System | Origin: ED105

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Instructional Planning for Student Success --> Creating an Evaluation System

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Incorporation of formative assessment along with finding a balance between perception and value

My teaching style should meet the values and style of my institution.


Evaluating the students is important in order to prepare them for their future. As an instructor, when evaluating them, one should use the right methods so that they can demonstrate content mastery.  When grading your students, I also liked the tip of eliminating the use of class participation points altogether and just use the attendance and tardy section for giving them points as participation points could be hard to decide sometimes. 

Make clear cut policies for my class. Post them at the beginning of class so that every student knows them.

Making sure to have a clear cut policy about extra credit and make-up test.

Utilizing the current applications already established. Learning current input procedures and ability to navigate in these programs

students are very smart when it comes to test day, in my case i learned that having a a review test day will aid with the stress of test day since they will have an idea of what to expect on exam day. Plus the iportance of being present to take test to avoid any low grade that might cause delay on their course.

having clear policies about grades attendance and extra credit 

I like to keep grading simple to 100 points exam, so I can easily and efficiently show the students their percentage scores.  Also, keeping up with the homework policy and extra credit points reasonable, in order to avoid having to defend your policies to your students.

Setting a fair and even grading sytem is not easy every class is a little different at what they may be good at, but if you set it up right everyone will benefit.

I like the Formative approach in evaluating a students progress. It allows us to see how the class as a whole is learning the course and if adjusments are necessary we may be able to change direction. 

plan to fail if you fail to is important to keep good open communication with students. Be honest, open and up to date as regards to grading. always have a concrete policy to fallback on as I've seen students try to contest their grades because the instructor was not organized in their grading and had to redo allthe grades. Need to be updated daily. It works and saves headaches at the end.


Having sound and current policy to guide instructors is of the utmost importance in an effort to be fair with all students. Reviewing these policies with students at the beginning of the term provides the students with the necessary information to succeed.

My students seem to be obsessed with their grades even though they see what I see.  My institutio does not have extra credit which I agree with as students can bump up a grade.

Grading strategies and being prompt on scoring assignsment, quizes, and exams. Maintaing proper grading, while keeping is safe and private. 

Being fair to all and having straight forward policis.

Instead of giving a student a zero for a missed assignment, it is more beneficial for the student to take time to discuss the reasons in which it had been missed. 

Clear grading policy makes it easy for students to understand why their grade is at X.   I use an LMS that does most grading automatically and easy to understand rubrics for all lessones and tests removes most arbitrary questions. Studenst and parents have near real-time grade book views from a smart device.

Seth Soronnadi

Learned that; "..... need to make sure when granting extra credit that the extra credit does not exceed the regular credit that can be earned. If the value of the extra credit is too high it can be used by students to replace regular credit assignments that are essential to their learning."


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