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In the diverse learning enviroment that we are workoing in it is really important to distinguish key vocabulary words and its meanings.

it is true that some common phares have /carry different meaniongs that can be confusing to the different language groups.

If possible it maybe be helful to use electronic devices to clarify and explain grammer to be clearly understood for student success.

In the age of IT, computers and its workings are not only needed, but are necessary.The need to understand the multi faceted workings of this technology is the bridge to future generations and the inability to navigate and use it effectively will profoundly affect those unwilling to change. his will impact our ability to communicate and manage the information overload that is happening. By being aware knowledgeable and using effectively  the range of options on the computer will only help us to manage our lives in the world we are living in.

The mind is a terrible thing to lose/waste. In this age of globalalization competition for positions are greatly impacted by your ability to compete, so by continually learning and advancing your own skills it will greatly impact your ability to compete. We should be critical thinkers of ourselvs as we manage our lives to be better today than we were yesterday, so by continued lifelong learning it will only enchance our ability to function in the 21st century. we also have to be honest with ourselves to our weaknesses and work on it ,as anyone who gives us constructive criticism,… >>>

Each of s have a particular skill and learning set, so the questions is how to get the best out of that skill set. By knowing , understand and utilizing that skill set is beneficial to any team project, but there must be a format/plan in place to execute the project and by collaborating and using our natural sill set ,appreciation of the others skills set in place can lead to a successful project conclusion.

A basic tool for communication is to be able to express our thoughts in a written form. knowing this format enables us to express these thoughts which are so beneficial in today's world as it relates to a bastardized form of writing as in texting that is so prevalent today. This is a skill set ,(writing properly) not only benefits the one who writes but also benefits the one who receives the written information. This form of pure expression is so missed today.

This topic is so important in today's world, no matter what environment or situation you are in. It is so important to use the tools we all have. we have to self managed ourselves in prioritizing our tasks by having integrity in the decisions that look at the short and long term goals  that enables others to learn from us and not be permently dependent on one person.


So much valuable information that is so useful in today’s classroom.

the tools provide has opended my mind to other tools based on the students learning capacity,knowing they all learn at different speeds.

a great lesson that I can implement rigft away in class.

plan to fail if you fail to is important to keep good open communication with students. Be honest, open and up to date as regards to grading. always have a concrete policy to fallback on as I've seen students try to contest their grades because the instructor was not organized in their grading and had to redo allthe grades. Need to be updated daily. It works and saves headaches at the end.


Not to overwhelm students with too much information,be empathetic to their learning abilities so they can grasp and apply the information.manage class structure and timing.Use diffent methodology to engage students learning outcomes.


Know the students,know your materials ,know your personality and know and use the abundance of tools at your disposal.student success is in your hands,.


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